Why You Should Be Taking CBD Oil


Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) is a popular topic these days and it’s no wonder. For a society so dependent on synthetic medicines for care, CBD oil is like a lighthouse on a foggy night. Some of us understand the hemp extract benefits while a large portion of folks are not sure what exactly it is or does. For every bit of information out there that explains everything, there is a lot of misinformation about it. A stigma is attached because of the attachment to marijuana. Let’s be clear, this is not marijuana! CBD oil is a different product and that is where our focus is today.


Assists In The Cancer Fight

The most well-known fact about CBD oil is that it has anti-cancer agents in it. We have been told for years that the only way to battle cancer was through synthetic medicines and radiation. For many cancer patients, this is a surprising health benefit that many are willing to take.

Aids With Anxiety

THC can have a negative side effect to those with chronic anxiety and fortunately, many CBD oils do not contain THC. However, many people with anxiety are not at chronic level and suffer from issues like PTSD (post-traumatic syndrome disorder), panic disorder, general anxiety, social anxiety,  and obsessive-compulsive disorder. These types of anxiety issues result in daily medications and could easily be taken care of with a daily dose of CBD oil. To date, testing for these minor to mid-level disorders respond well with no adverse side effects.

Ease Your Pain

Another fantastic use for CBD oil is for pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory. People struggling with chronic pain (fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis) or arthritis would do well on CBD oil rather than their prescription meds. Tests have shown a significant difference in patients when they take the CBD oil (daily or as needed). We won’t be surprised when the oil becomes the top recommendation by doctors across the country. It would certainly save people tons of money on their medicines.

Type 1 diabetes is also a top contender in the fight against inflammation. What many people don’t know is that Type 1 diabetes is caused when inflammation arises when the immune system attacks pancreatic cells. Without the inflammation, you wouldn’t develop diabetes. It’s understood that this could control those who have Type 1. It could also keep people from developing it by controlling inflammation in the body.

Fight Your Addictions

Many studies are showing the positive impact CBD oil has on mood swings, anxiety, and insomnia. When anyone is battling an addiction, they are often suffering from those exact symptoms. Whether it’s alcohol, tobacco products, or street drugs, all addicts have mood swings from the chemical changes happening in their body. Anxiety arises from the discomfort and sometimes pain associated with their withdrawals and detox process. Insomnia also occurs when trying to handle your symptoms and mental struggles. CBD can assist with all of that and help an addict be successful than if they relied on prescription meds.

Keep Your Memory Alive

Alzheimer’s is a well-known calamity that robs us of our memories. In the early stages, many folks are unable to recognize the faces of loved one and friendly faces. CBD oil has been shown to actually slow that process and allow Alzheimer’s patients recognize faces longer. Because of this discovery, CBD is now being tested to see if it can potentially stave off Alzheimer’s altogether.

There are so many benefits to CBD oil use and we can only imagine what else we will find in the future. CBD oil prices vary and can be expensive but considering what all it can help you with, you will save tons on future health care bills if you begin a regime now.