4 Surprising Benefits of Saturated Fats to the Body

Benefits of Saturated Fats to the Body


The human body requires lots of nutrients to function well. All these nutrients are found in the meals you eat. However, eating non-nutritious foods can lead to a myriad of health problems. Some of these problems can be cured and some can only be managed. If you love yourself, you will be mindful of what you eat. Some homes have developed a diet plan to help with this. The plan consists of nutritious meals and other healthy alternatives. Fats are an essential food group to have in your diet. However, the doctors don’t encourage people to eat all types of fats.  Fats include saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are good for the body due to numerous reasons. Scientists and doctors encourage people to feed on meals that are rich in saturated fats because of;

  1. Heart diseases

There has been a misconception about saturated fats leading to heart diseases. In fact, it has been proven that saturated fats don’t harm your heart. On the contrary, they contain lauric acid which helps in the regulation of cholesterol. When your cholesterol levels are regulated, you are not at risk of getting heart problems or any heart-related diseases. Some heart diseases can lead to the loss of your loved ones. This isn’t something you would wish for yet you can advise them on the type of meals they can feed on. You can also refer them to https://www.dadquarters.com/are-saturated-fats-good-or-bad/ to get more information.

  1. Stroke &health of the brain

Stroke is a condition that can cause a lot of damage to your brain. This may result in death or paralysis. It can be caused by elevated levels of cholesterol. However, this can be reduced when you consume the right fats. Saturated fats are the best fats for your body. Your brain is made of fats and cholesterol. Most of the fats are saturated because your brain needs these as raw materials. When you have a healthy brain, then you lower your risk of suffering a stroke. And when you eat meals that contain saturated fats, you help your brain to function. Saturated fats also help your brain regenerate.

  1. Immunity

Your body needs saturated fats so that they can help boost your immunity; this is according to articles.mercola.com.Your immunity is what helps your body fight foreign materials that can cause illness. The body contains white blood cells which play a big role in keeping you healthy. Saturated fats help white blood cells to recognize the invaders. If you don’t have a strong immune system, then you will be prone to getting sick every now and then. To avoid such situations, you can always ensure that you feed your immune system with diets that are rich in saturated fats. A strong immune will keep you healthy for a long time and this will mean that you live long.

  1. Bones and cravings

Your bones play a very big role in supporting your body. If you wish to develop stronger bones, then you will have to find yourself meals that have a lot of saturated fats. This is because saturated fats are needed for calcium to be properly absorbed into the body. Bones require calcium for growth. Furthermore, whenever you eat food that has saturated fats, you become satisfied for a long while. This means that you will not have any cravings for other foods. Reducing cravings is one way of losing weight.

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