5 Best Workouts to Help Strengthen Your Lean Legs


lean legs

Most ladies dream of having that sexy body physique that most men are attracted to and a charming look. On the other hand, men wish for that athletic, masculine body frame – thus, everyone wants to look good. The key to these pretty looks is a simple workout plan alongside a healthy diet. Cut the belly fats, trim your legs and thigh with this simple workout plan and you are there.

These exercises will give you the perfect shape. Try them out and experience the healthy lifestyle of fitness and flexibility.

1. Kick-start with gate swings
Gate swings is a simplified warm up exercise that activates the thigh muscles. It stretches the muscles, burning the accumulated fats in the process and triggering a continuous aeration of the cells. This keeps you strong to your next exercise workout

How to go about it?

  • By standing on your right leg, clasp your hands behind the back of your head.
  • Bend your left knee gently swinging your leg up across you.
  • Your left foot flexed, don’t step down your left foot.
  • Try sweeping your left foot out to the left side, repeating this sequence ten times, alternating the feet after every ten lapses on each, bracing your abs for stability all along and you are done

2. The side to side lunge sweep
This is designed for tuning the internal and external thigh muscles. The workout strengthens the thighs while ensuring balance at the cores.

How it is done:

  • Stand upright with the feet close together gripping your hips with your hands.
  • Make a wide step out to your right lowering into a lunge.
  • Bend your left knee and push your hips far behind you.
  • Push through the right heel as u go back to the upright posture and in the process crossing the right leg in front of your body not touching the floor at all.
  • Swing back to your right side repeating the sequence for at least 15 rips with your left leg and back 15 with your right and you are done. The great exercise for lean legs and perfect look.

3. The grand plies
Another great workout for lean legs is the grand plies popularly referred to as Sumo squats.
This works perfectly on your inner thigh tonners. More so, it ensures that you burn more calories even after the exercise.

This how it’s done:

  • Standing upright with no spaces in between your feet, turn your toes out apart about 45 degrees
  • Make a wide step on your right foot side squatting down as low as possible. Repeat the procedure 20 times switching your legs after every each secession.
  • Ensure your knees are pointing over your toes every time you squat down low.

4. The Chair Pose Close
The perfect way to work out your both legs to the best fit is by successful chair pose close.

How it’s done:

  • Upright with your feet close together, hands at your hips.
  • Go down low into a narrow squat by gently bending your knees and push your hips a back
  • Maintain the squat position on right leg extending the other left leg externally to your side.
  • Raise your left leg above the floor to the front of your body
  • Squeeze your inner thighs until the knees touch for at least a count and subsequently change to your left leg grounded to the side
  • 10 times with each leg grasping a chair or wall for supports marks a complete workout.

5. Isometric Adduction
The low lunge with this kind of exercise triggers your core muscles of the thigh to burn explosively the excessive fats in the fat stores of the muscles. Unlike the gym the, the work plan is simple to go and requires no equipment.

Try this out:

      • Stand upright with feet together, ensure your arms are by your sides
      • Make a forward step on your left subsequently lowering into a deep lunge posture
      • Support yourself on the floor with your hands through the inside of your right foot.
      • By pressing your right knee out of your right shoulder, squeeze the contraction holding it for at least 10 counts

With strength push off from the floor by the right leg and back into standing. Single rep is done
Repeat the same with the other 20 Times as fast as you can, continuously changing the sides.

If you want to keep fit, it is important to note that there are various exercise that perfectly suit any given body type and shape. The most important thing is for you to update yourself with the current fitness trends in order to achieve the most out of your workout regime.

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