All you need to know about vegan protein powder


Vegan Protein Powder has become a staple food in many households. As people are realizing the benefits of a vegan diet they are transiting toward plant-based supplements. And their first choice is vegan protein powder. This is because this superfood is rich in nutrients and fulfills all your body’s needs. If you think these powders are only for vegans and lactose-intolerant people then you are seriously misguided. It is for all those who are health conscious and want to pursue a healthy lifestyle without hassle. Moreover, if you think you have to sacrifice taste and take many of these to get different nutrients then you are wrong here. Years ago, these powders were bland mixtures of a single protein source. But now they are created from a variety of sources to combine all the amino acids in one place and are flavored as well.

However, with expanding the market and surplus of products in the market it can be quite confusing to select one! You will find each powder distinct from another. As their sources will be different they will contain varying qualities and quantities of proteins. It might be confusing to make the right decision for those who have recently adopted this superfood. Thus you need to gain knowledge so that you can identify what your tub of vegan powder holds or else you won’t gain the desired benefits. To make it easy for you we have listed down all the essentials that you need to know about this health blessing.

Go through the label

The secret to finding the complete vegan protein package for yourself is to dissect the label thoroughly. Just don’t skim through the nutrition facts because from a distance the product may look similar but their nutrient density can make a major difference. So instead of just looking at the protein content, you have to ensure that the proteins should be from different sources. As vegan protein powders are not created equal they contain varying amounts and qualities of amino acids. By checking the blend of protein sources used, you can identify whether it is optimal for you or not. It is all written in the label. For example, if it is made from a combination of pea and brown rice, this reflects that it contains the highest quality proteins. This is because pea and rice provide a lot more amino acids than other sources like hemp or soy. Additionally, you may also check the quantities of other micronutrients and compounds as well. They conceal a lot of information such as the use of fillers or sweeteners. If there are ingredients such as fruits and vegetables make a great addition because they increase minerals and vitamins. All in all these additional titbits will help you identify whether the product is of good quality or not!

Complimentary Meals

These powder can be used to complement your main course of the meal. They don’t have to be taken as medicines. As they are flavored, they can be used in many recipes. From shakes and smoothies to mixing them with fruit and greens, and can also be used in baking. So take a sigh of relief and relax because you can consume this wholesome and nurturing superfood without sacrificing your delicious foods.

Good for All

Most people have the misconception that supplements and protein powders are only used by athletes or millennials. But in reality, they are beneficial for all and sundry especially the elderly. This is because the amino acid components of these powders are highly advantageous in old age as protein deficiencies hit home with time. So by taking these powders, not only can the elderly recover quicker from diseases but also make their aged body strong by preventing loss of muscle mass. Moreover, the amino acids in them strengthen the immune system and enhance overall functioning. So by taking these individuals above 40 can remain healthy for long. Last but not least these powders are specifically designed for improving mental health as proteins contain types of amino acids that boost memory, sleep, and processing skills. Thus elderly should consume them to curb age-related mental issues. However, they should be very careful about dosage and how they consume these powders.


Choosing the Right Vegan Powder for You

Well, there is no one solution for all. Each powder is different as is each human body. The right powder for you might not be the perfect one for your friend or relative. But in general, some vegan protein powders are preferred over others because of their rich sources, quality, and complete blend. So you will find Brown Rice Protein more beneficial as it is gluten-free, easy to digest, contain less fat and carbs and also include many essential amino acids except for lysine. While on the other hand, you can go for Pea protein which is rich in lysine and consists of many branched-chain amino acids. It is both fast and cholesterol-free and is also easily digestible. However, it is low in methionine.

Then there is soy protein which is a complete source as it contains all essential amino acids and is a perfect substitute for animal protein such as casein and whey. It also contains isoflavones which can help in reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. However, it cannot be taken in large amounts as it skews hormones and is mostly GMO. Another option is Hemp Protein which provides nutrients that other vegan protein powders lack. It offers omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids but also has a higher fat content. It does contain all essential amino acids but has an overall lower quality than other sources.

So in our opinion, any vegan protein powder you should choose should be a combination of the above ones. This because no single protein source can fulfill all your needs but if they are combined with others in balanced amounts, they can produce a protein powerhouse. Last but not least, no matter which brand you choose, ensure that it is organically sourced from Non-GMO plants.

Consumption Pattern

Interestingly, the Scoop Size or Serving quantity is different for every brand. Usually, a 32-gram scoop can provide 21 grams of protein. But maybe for another brand, a 39-gram scoop or 62-gram scoop will be required to give similar amounts of protein. Moreover, the amount of protein required can also change from person to person. So you should take serving according to your body requirements! There is no standard quantity. You just need to use it in a balanced way.

Final word

These powder are indeed an investment as they bless your health with amazing bounties.  Since it is important to get details before making any investment, similarly before consuming vegan protein powder, you have to find out all about it. That is why we compiled all the facts we believe are necessary for you to make the most of this product smartly.


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