CBD for Dental Cavities: Is It Worth It?

CBD for Dental Cavities


In the past couple of years, research on medical marijuana has focused on analyzing its effectiveness in the treatment of various ailments. Until recently, there was limited research on dental cannabis. However, recent research has cast light on the features of cannabis to heal dentition.

Many people suffer from dental caries. In the past, it has proven difficult to treat owing to its intrinsic complexity. In the mid-16th century, dental patients resorted to herbs such as Rosemary charcoal to deal with painful teeth decay and maintain sustainable oral hygiene. Ever since, there has been radical advancement in the field of dentistry. However, modern dentistry studies have neglected such natural medical remedies.

With continued interest in medical marijuana, CBD to be precise, there has been exploits to determine the effectiveness of this component in addressing dentistry issues. Several companies have made attempts to penetrate the billion-dollar toothpaste industry by introducing dental products with limited CBD quantities.

CBD and dental caries

With the glaring indications of the effectiveness of CBD in treating various medical conditions, many dentists have started considering the implications of medical marijuana in their dental therapy regiments. While it is true that cannabis still faces criticism and stigma in various societies, progressive clinicians have gone ahead to recognize CBD as a powerful treatment modality as far as dental carries are concerned.

Dentists recognize that combating caries requires anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The fact that CBD displays such salient qualities is the reason behind continued research on the use of this component as a breakthrough in dentistry. Limited quantities of CBD have proven effective in dealing with inflammation and decay associated with dental carries. With continued research on the same, we can expect even more interesting discoveries in future.

Cannabis dental products

Cannabis products from companies such as CannabiteLifeLong are paving ways for dental decay treatments using CBD. Cannabigerol, one of the active ingredients in such products, has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties. Handling periodontal diseases requires such qualities. Considering what lies ahead, this is considered a major milestone. Remember, most of the anti-inflammatory agents used such as chlorohexidine irrigation rinses have an unpleasant taste. It is also possible that they can leave stains one one’s teeth after continued use.

The future of CBD in dentistry

It is undoubtable that researches have made critical steps in proving the effectiveness of CBD in handling of dental issues such as tooth decay. Improved attempts to create types of Canagum allowing for secretion of cannabinoids in saliva only seek to make things better. With such innovations, it will be easier to combat bio film attachment and other common dental issues.

It is safe to embrace CBD dental products manufactured and tested under required conditions. It is advisable to drink lots of water and avoid too much sugar when using such products. For the best experience, it is recommended that you consult with your dentist to find out from him if what you are about to use is healthy for your condition.

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