Check Yourself: 4 Injuries That Can Easily Be Avoided


Injuries are a part of life, especially for those who live an active and hectic lifestyle. While accidents do happen, recent studies from the United States Center for Disease Control or CDC, show that in many cases these injuries are avoidable. This is especially true for injuries involving young people. Here are four common injuries that in most cases, are easily avoidable.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are quite common in people who play sports or participate in shooting firearms. People who serve in the military often suffer eye injuries from fragments and flying debris. Contact sports such as basketball are often the source of eye injuries because most players do not wear protective eyewear while they play. Eye injuries can be prevented by simply wearing protective safety glasses during high risk activities. Since computers, smartphones, televisions, and video games are commonplace in most everyone’s home, care must be taken to avoid eye strain. Reading, crafts, and other work that’s close to the eye can also lead to eye strain. Experts recommend taking a break from these types of activities every 20 minutes to avoid straining the eye.

Brain Injuries

Automobile and motorcycle accidents are a primary cause of brain injuries in people of all ages. In many instances, these accidents are due to drinking alcohol or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel. Studies have shown that these substances often change the brain in ways that affect reflexes and reaction time, which leads to accidents. Brain injuries are higher in those who ride motorcycles, especially those who do not wear helmets. This scenario can possibly be avoided by wearing a protective helmet when riding, even for a short distance. Driving while tired also increases the risk of accidents because reaction times are slower than normal when we are fatigued. The best way to avoid these types of injuries is to have a designated driver for those who plan to drink and letting someone else drive if you are exhausted.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are more common in children than adults. In many cases, parents could have avoided these injuries by watching their kids a little more closely and not leaving them unattended. Every year, toddlers suffer fractures from falling out of their high chairs, cribs, and down staircases. These injuries may also lead to brain injury or death in children. According to the World Health Organization, over 47,000 children die every year after a fall. Professionals, estimate that falls are the leading cause of brain injuries, followed by motor vehicle accidents. Adolescents are more likely to be injured from a fall during sports or equipment such as a trampoline or a diving board.


Each year, children die or are injured from ingesting toxic substances found inside the home. In order to avoid accidental poisoning, avoid bringing potentially damaging substances home. Certain plants can be toxic if eaten by animals or children. The Center for Disease Control or CDC, has a list of poisonous plants on their website or you can check with a local plant nursery before bringing a potentially toxic plant home. Cleaning products may also be dangerous and should not be left within easy reach. Teenagers often experiment with drugs and alcohol, which is commonplace in many homes. Do not give children or teenagers access to these substances to avoid accidental overdose.

Taking a few extra precautions is key to preventing injuries in adults and children. It takes just a few extra moments to put precautions in place and it is well worth the effort.