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Combating the Problem of Dry Lips


Combating the Problem of Dry Lips

The case of chapped or dry lips is a very common phenomenon, especially during the winter season. The lips are covered by a very delicate membrane, but there are no glands present in that particular area that can keep the lips hydrated. Therefore, the lips tend to become dry and this dryness eventually causes them to crack and even bleed in some very severe cases. The lips become sore and flaky in these circumstances and can cause people a lot of pain. Because there is low humidity in cold weather, the lips become chapped and dry the most during that time. It is the belief of people that licking the lips is good enough for dealing with drying, but this can eventually worsen the problem.

Lack of moisture is the primary reason why dry lips occur in the first place. The lips can be negatively impacted when they are exposed to the cold or the sun as well. Moreover, it is also possible that dry lips occur due to some allergies or skin disorders, deficiency in Vitamin A, B and C, because of mouthwashes, toothpastes or even soaps, dehydration and even smoking. The condition simply gets worse over time. The ideal way to get rid of this problem and to change the condition of the lips is to follow the below mentioned remedies:

  • Because dehydration might be one of the major reasons for dry lips, it is best to keep the body hydrated for combating with this problem. This means that people shouldn’t forget to drink a few glasses of water after every few hours as it would keep the lips moisturized regularly.
  • People are often ignorant of the fact that the UV rays of the sun can be downright deadly for the skin. These rays also take toll on the lips at some point. In order to avoid the dangers associated with exposure to sunlight, it is best to purchase lip balms that have sunscreen in them. Nonetheless, people should keep in mind that the balm has to be applied again after every two or three hours to protect the lips from damage.
  • Aloe Vera is a very popular herb that’s used for dealing with a variety of skin conditions and this also includes dry lips. There are healing properties in aloe Vera gel and rubbing it on chapped lips on a daily basis can provide people with relief from the constant dryness.
  • Beeswax is a very old remedy for dealing with dry and chapped lips and has been used by people for years. It coats the lips and protects them from the different elements. One can visit the local drug store to get some beeswax.
  • A slice of cucumber can also be rubbed over the lips for eliminating dryness and providing some moisture to the lips. The same can be said for coconut oil.
  • Because deficiency of certain Vitamins might also be the reason for these dry lips, it is recommended that people take iron and multi vitamin tablets regularly.
  • Using lipstick can also provide lips protection, but some of them may also cause dryness.