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Best Eye Creams of 2016

If you have been following an anti-aging regimen for a while, you must know how expensive products can be simply by just carrying the words “anti-aging” on the labels! Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend how a bottle from one brand can cost as much as US$ 200 while another only costs US$ 20. It’s easy to assume that the difference lies in the efficacy of the formulation but, in an industry that is expected to grow into a trillion dollars by 2025, it is becoming harder to tell what makes a Neocutis Lumière Bio-Restorative Eye Cream different from another ... Read more

What Should I Expect? 4 Ways To Prepare For Your First Eye Exam

Your first eye exam may be a little intimidating or daunting if you are unfamiliar with the vision-care process. While it can be nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect, as you prepare yourself beforehand you will feel more at ease for your appointment. This guide will walk you through four steps to be fully prepared for your visit. Understand Your Insurance Coverage Many people have coverage for optical exams provided through their employer. If you have a work-related insurance plan, contact the Human Resources department to determine exactly what services are covered. Health insurance often has vision coverage which will ... Read more

7 Signs of Cataracts & Its Treatment

Are you wondering if you are one of the 20 million Americans after the age of 40 that have cataracts? If so, you aren’t alone in pondering this question. Millions are diagnosed each year, with cataracts in one or both eyes. A large percentage of these people will face corrective surgery. Photo by DusanDvorsky, CC0 1.0 What are Cataracts? In the simplest terms, cataracts are the clouding in the lens of the eye. In order to see light properly, the lens has to be clear. Cataracts affect your vision; it is like looking through a dirty window all the time. ... Read more

Makeup Mistakes That are Making You Older

Makeup Mistakes You Are Making That Will Make You Appear Older Applying makeup is very much an art form, and a tricky one at that. A good application can do wonders for your glow, but for all the good it can do, a heavy-handed or outdated technique can add years to your visage. Here are some easily avoidable mistakes you may be making that are aging you. Applying extremely dark lip colors They say that a telltale sign of a youthful face is a full, voluptuous set of lips. So, because deep, black colors typically make things appear smaller, it ... Read more

4 Great Ways to Save Money on Eye Care

Despite the recent advances toward affordable healthcare, extras like eye care may remain beyond reach for many people. Instead of going to a traditional eye doctor and paying full price for glasses, try some of these methods for saving money. Shopping for Doctors Several retailers have their own in-house optometrists. Both Walmart and Costco are known for leasing space to optometry practices. You don’t need to go through the process of getting a referral from a general practitioner and going through your insurance provider’s network to get a deal on vision services. These optometrists also tend to have shorter waiting ... Read more

Tricky Makeup To Reduce Puffiness Under Eyes

Under eye puffiness can deny a woman her confidence, therefore, making her feel inferior. For under eye puffiness caused by genetics or allergies, your options become fewer even if you take lots of water, get enough sleep and eat well. The bags will still be there. You can still achieve a more flawless look using makeup as a temporary measure distracting your eye bags. Other treatment may promise long-term solutions, but meanwhile, you can hide them using makeup. Apply the makeup in the right way to cover and conceal the puffiness on your face. Hiding the puffiness under eyes with ... Read more

Switching to Contacts: What You Need to Know

If you wear glasses, you may be thinking about switching to contacts. There are some good reasons to consider this. You might prefer the convenience of not having to take your glasses on and off throughout the day. You might be anxious to shed your glasses for fashion or aesthetic reasons. If you do make the switch, there are some issues that you must consider first. Start With an Eye Exam If you’ve been wearing regular glasses and want to switch to contacts, you should begin by getting an exam and fitted for contacts. The eye doctor can test your ... Read more

The Best Ways To Save Money When Buying New Eye Glasses

For those of us who require glasses or contact lenses to see, we know how important these tools are for our daily life. The difficulty with dealing with glasses is hoe expensive they can be when we need to replace them. After going through eye testing, an optometrist appointment and buying a new pair of glasses, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on the whole process, leaving a big dent in your hip pocket. However, looking for cheaper options brings up the concern of whether the quality will be maintained on this essential item. Here we look at ... Read more

7 Favourite Anti-Aging Treatments That Achieve Real Results

When it comes to getting older, everyone wants to age with grace, but we don’t necessarily want to look our age. Some of us have worked out or learned about our favourite skin care and anti-aging treatments over the years that we swear by and here we share some of those favourite and time-proven anti-aging treatments from real people like you, for more beautiful and younger looking skin. Anti-Aging Cream When it comes to anti-aging products, we really can’t look past anti-aging creams when it comes to anti-aging treatments that are the favourite amongst most women and men who are ... Read more

Protect Your Vision: How to Handle a Major Eye Injury

Many people agree that the hardest sense to give up would be the sense of sight. With it, one can see the beauty of nature, loved ones’ faces and one’s work. Any trauma to the eyes can result in a partial or complete loss of sight if not addressed immediately. These are a few of the basic ways to handle a major eye injury to reduce damage. Eye Trauma Eye trauma occurs following blunt force to the eye, such as from a fist or baseball bat. Minor eye trauma with bruising may only require a cold compress laid on the ... Read more

Does your Child Need Eyeglasses? Signs to Keep an Eye out For

It is unusual for children to tell their parents or guardians that they are having difficulty with their vision. Many children simply do not realize that their eyesight is not as sharp as it should be. Because of this, it is important that you be on the lookout for signs that your child may need glasses. 1. Squinting or Using One Eye Some children who are having problems with their vision will squint or attempt to use one eye to read or watch television. If you notice that these behaviors are increasing in your child, it is time to schedule ... Read more

4 Inner and Outer Beauty Tips for Younger Eyes

They say eyes are the window to the soul. And there’s plenty of beauty in being an old soul. But most of us would prefer for our age not to show in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Skin care and anti-aging remedies that actually work are about so much more than injectables or surgery. Love your skin inside and out with these 4 expert tips for younger looking eyes, naturally. Take a closer look at your lifestyle. If your idea of winding down on the weekend involves spending hours in the sun with a cigarette and chardonnay in ... Read more