Contact Lenses

Last month I went on a holiday trip with my family. I am a regular contact lens wearer hence I did not bother to really take extra precautions about traveling with lenses and that was a huge mistake as I realized I had to face several limitations due to wearing the wrong kind of lenses for travel.

Traveling requires you to take special attention to the kind of lenses you will be carrying as your daily wear lenses may not be the right fit for the kind of holidays you have planned. Several people ignore this just because their prescription must have expired, and they do not wish to visit an eye doctor again just to get a new prescription as that would become a costly affair. Online websites like will help you choose from a different range of lenses and order instantaneously without any prescription.

The holiday season is just around the corner and if you are planning on traveling along with your lenses, we suggest you read further to understand the kind of lenses you should be traveling with;

Opt for Extended Wear Contact Lenses 

While traveling, you cannot control the number of hours you will be spending on the road. One of the most difficult things about traveling with lenses is that you are allowed to wear them only for limited hours in a day but while traveling, you may require wearing it for longer durations. Also, if you wish to take a nap on the road, it is not advisable with regular lenses as it may cause severe eye dryness. Extended lenses can be worn overnight and for many hours hence it is the best choice for travel.

Choose Long-Term Disposable Lenses:

Carrying daily disposables while you are traveling is not the best options as you will have to carry a bunch of these lenses calculating the number of days you are traveling and several extras. It is best to travel along with lenses which are monthly disposable as these do come under frequently disposable lenses which are hygienic but also convenient to travel with. Do not forget to pack a few spare lenses as well.

Go for Comfortable Soft Contact Lenses:

There are several types of contact lenses available in the market. Though gas permeable lenses give you the sharpest vision, you need to get used to wearing those daily to feel comfortable. It is best to wear lenses which gives you better comfort during travel as you will wish to forget that you are wearing lenses and enjoy your trip instead. Soft lenses are best for such scenarios and it is recommended to anyone who is going to be traveling.

Select the Type and Brand of Lenses Which Suits You:

I have been using lenses for years and developed astigmatism later hence needed to shift to toric lenses. As I had been using Bausch and Lomb from the beginning, I opted for the same brand of toric lenses. These lenses made my eyes irritate, and I was never comfortable until I switched my brand to Air Optix. Not all types of lenses will suit you, it is the same with the brands. Ask for trial lenses beforehand and do experiment with the lenses long before your travel so that you can opt for the one which suits you the best.

You should travel in your most comfortable gear including the contact lenses you wear hence choosing the right lens which gives you the best vision for a long duration and make you feel comfortable at the same time is the one you should choose for your next holiday.