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Foot Pain: 4 Ways to Relieve Discomfort When Running

While running is excellent exercise, it can put a tremendous strain on your feet.

Treat Your Feet: 4 Common Foot Problems and Their Solutions

Your feet are one of your most important body parts.

Learn 11 Diabetic Foot Care Tips You Can Use

If you want to protect your toes and feet from the complications of diabetes, then it’s smart to practice the following 11 steps as a comprehensive foot care regimen: 1) Check Both Your Feet Each Day: It’s recommended by podiatrists and orthopedists that you examine both of your feet, including the bottoms and spaces between toes every morning and evening. Given that many diabetics might have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, only daily examinations can rule out trauma their feet might suffer without their knowledge. Look out for punctures, splinters, irritated spots, blisters, sores, and cuts. If you’re not able to see ... Read more

Bunions and Hammer Toes: How to Alleviate Pain from These Conditions

Bunions can cause unpleasant big toe swelling that can make daily life feel like a chore.

Fitness First: How to Choose the Best Hybrid Bike for Your Needs

Physiotherapists and other medical experts agree that cycling is one of the most beneficial exercises. Regular cycling can reduce incidences of heart-threatening diseases by up to 60%.

What Are Orthotics and Why Do You Need Them?

If you need support to stand or walk comfortably, you might need orthotics. These are devices that provide you with support.

5 Foot Problems Copper Socks Help in Relieving

We wear socks to keep our feet warm or to wear them with sneakers. But what if socks could help you address different kinds of foot problems? Sounds unbelievable? Well, it is true. Copper socks or compression socks can help you deal with a number of foot problems. Read on to know more. Relieving Foot Pain Why Are Copper Socks Special Copper socks go beyond the basic functions of normal socks and deliver real benefits as well as protect your feet. They simulate the production of capillaries, collagen and key proteins to produce softer, healthier skin. Moreover, copper’s antibacterial properties ... Read more

Toenail Fungus Tips – A Few Ways To Prevent It

Toenail fungus is a common condition which many people combat every day. This infection is caused by the fungus that develops in the nail and makes it discoloured and brittle. Usually the person may have been affected with athletes foot and over time the infection gets transferred to the toenail. Usually toenail fungus is not painful in the initial stages but over time it can become very painful and some people may even find it difficult to walk a few steps. Hence, getting rid of toenail fungus is a priority. A visit to the dermatologist will help you combat the ... Read more

Top 5 Foot Problems And The Simple Guide To Fix Them

The feet play an important role of carrying our weight as we move around. For this purpose to be carried out impeccably, then it is important that the feet are taken care of properly. Foot problems are bound to occur every now and then due to the pressure exerted on the feet by the force exerted due to your weight, care taken on the feet, the shoes and socks worn and exposure to diseases that may trigger such problems. In this post, we are going to look at some of the most common foot problems affecting many people today and ... Read more

Ways To Avoid Feet Problems If Standing For Work

Foot problems are very common and they can occur both on and off the job. And so the possibility of developing foot problems at work is not completely out of the question. There is no doubt that certain work-related factors can lead to foot problems especially if you are required to stand for a longer period of time because of your job requirements. Maintaining an upright stance for a very long duration can be extremely tiring because the human foot is designed for mobility. Thus, standing for hours, day after day will not only enervate your feet but there is ... Read more

11 Most Common Foot Complications Caused By Diabetes

Feet of a family sticking out from the quilt Diabetes is a serious health condition in which the body has difficulty producing any or enough insulin that further leads to elevated levels of glucose in the bloodstream. The elevated glucose, in turn, causes severe range of complications including foot problems. Foot problems usually develop when the nerve is damaged. This condition is also known as neuropathy. The common signs and symptoms of neuropathy include stinging or burning pain, tingling, or weakness in the foot area. In some cases, loss of feeling in the foot also occurs. When this happens, you ... Read more

3 Ways To Make Your Feet Stronger

Do your feet tend to feel weak or unstable when you exercise? Granted, your feet are a small part of your body, but they’re one of the most important features that help you walk, run, balance, and otherwise help us carry on our day-to-day activities. If your feet are not strong, then it might be hard to go about doing the things you love. That said, we’re here to help you strengthen your feet by giving you tips on how to do so. From strengthening different areas of your feet to exercising on uneven surfaces to massaging them afterwards, you’ll ... Read more