While running is excellent exercise, it can put a tremendous strain on your feet. Sore and swollen feet are unfortunately common for runners, but you don’t have to suffer. There are all kinds of remedies to help you out. Here are four ways to relieve discomfort when running.

New Shoes

Your footwear is of the utmost importance when running. If your shoes are worn out or not made for running, your feet are going to suffer. You need to have proper running shoes in order to protect your feet. Look for shoes that have proper traction and fit your feet correctly. Should your shoes be giving you blisters or soreness, it’s time to ditch them. Running can be demanding, but it doesn’t mean your feet need to be treated poorly.

Soak Feet

Just like how you need a drink of water after running, so do your feet. Soaking your feet in water will help to keep down swelling and soreness. After a run, soak your feet in some cool water. Even if they feel generally good, it’s still good practice to nurture them. Should you be especially sore, you can try an ice pack. Give your feet as much attention and time to recover as possible.

See a Doctor

If you’re experiencing foot discomfort but can’t place what exactly you’re feeling, you should see a foot doctor. They will examine your feet and see what any of the symptoms are. Be sure to pay close attention to their diagnosis. If they give you any special instructions, follow them. You want to bring your feet back to health as quickly as possible.

Groom Your Feet

To help reduce strain on your feet, you need to give them as much maintenance as possible. Not only does it ensure that they look better, it can also keep them in better shape for running. You want to apply anti-fungal creams and trim your toenails regularly. Treat your feet with as much respect as any other part of your body, and you’ll have a much better running experience.

When you learn how to recover from foot pain, you help yourself out tremendously. Your running experience will be much better, as you won’t have to worry about any sore feet keeping you down. Plus, you can push yourself and reach heights you previously didn’t realize were popular. Take note of these remedies and remember how to keep your feet in good shape.