Wearing high heels is a good way to dress up an outfit for a special occasion. However, heels can cause foot pain. However, you can minimize foot pain by following a few tips listed below.

How to Wear Heels and Still Take Care of Your Feet - How to Wear Heels and Still Take Care of Your Feet

Save Heels for Special Occasions 
It’s best to only wear heels for special occasions. Weddings, funerals, and job interviews are perhaps some of the types of occasions at which you should put on your heels. Wearing them daily is probably not worth the stress on your back and feet.

Get Regular Foot Baths 
Many women go to salons for pedicures. This is especially relaxing after a long day in heels. Foot massages can also be helpful. Treat yourself once or twice a year to a nice massage from a good parlor.

However, salons often charge hefty fees for services. No need to worry, though. You can soak your feet at home. Use bath salts and luxurious soaps if you want to splurge. Bath salts are often used as a stress reliever and an ointment to relieve pain in the feet.

See a Podiatrist 
If you have tried all of the above tips and still feel foot pain, consider seeing a podiatrist. Some common problems podiatrists treat are bunions and calluses. These foot problems are aggravated by shoes that don’t fit properly. High heels change the shape of the foot and put pressure on the toes, and this aggravates bunions and other existing foot problems.

Caring for Common Foot Problems 
People who have worn high heels frequently over time might even have a condition called hammertoes. A hammertoe is a toe that has become abnormally bent in the middle joint. Mallet toes are a similar condition in which the joint near the top of the toe is bent abnormally.

To avoid hammertoes and mallet toes, wear low heels instead of high heels. Higher heels scrunch up the toes more and also put stress on the back. Avoid shoes with pointy toes. Instead, buy wider shoes that have room for your toes to fit properly. Wear laced shoes often. These types of shoes often have some flexibility and adjustability.

In short, to protect your feet you should only wear heels for special occasions, buy shoes that fit properly and buy roomier shoes that allow flexibility for your toes. If you have persistent foot problems, see a podiatrist to have your feet treated properly.