Getting Braces? How Invisalign Can Give You the Most Beautiful Smile Ever


Ever since braces came into widespread use in the early twentieth century, they have given millions of people the chance to enjoy a beautiful smile and a mouth filled with straight teeth. However, braces are sometimes uncomfortable. Many people consider them unsightly. Technological progress offers patients alternatives like Invisalign. As the name implies, the Invisalign system is almost invisible to people around you.

The Basics of Straightening Teeth

When a child’s permanent teeth come in, they sometimes grow unevenly, or some teeth may crowd together and overlap. Straightening teeth is based on a simple principle. Orthodontists like Montano & Cardall Orthodontic Specialists point out that teeth can be moved into new positions by applying pressure for a period that usually ranges from six months to two years.

Traditional braces apply the pressure required to re-align teeth with a combination of wires and elastic bands. The wires are anchored to the teeth with adhesive. The elastic bands connect the wires. The orthodontist must adjust periodically the elastic bands to keep the right amount of pressure on teeth throughout the straightening process.

The Invisalign Alternative

Invisalign aligners do away with the wires, elastic bands and adhesives that conventional braces require. Orthodontic treatment using Invisalign starts with an examination and consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this approach. Next, the orthodontist takes photographs, dental impressions and x-rays to create a model of your teeth. These records are used to manufacture a set of aligners. The first aligner in the series fits over your teeth. It applies pressure just like braces would. After a couple of weeks, you can remove the first aligner. The second aligner in the sequence moves your teeth a little bit further. This process continues until your teeth are straight.

Advantages of Invisalign

The Invisalign system produces the same teeth straitening results that you expect from braces. However, because the aligners are made from clear plastic, most people will not even realize that you are wearing them. You won’t have to visit the orthodontist a often because you switch to the next aligner yourself. You don’t need the orthodontist to make periodic adjustments to braces. Finally, you don’t have to observe the dietary restrictions that are necessary when you wear braces.

You get the same cosmetic benefits with Invisalign that traditional braces offer. You also get the health benefits. For instance, straight teeth are easier to clean, and better dental hygiene reduces the risk of cavities and gum infections. Conventional braces still work just fine. Invisalign is a modern alternative that offers extra benefits.

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