How an Undiagnosed Sleep Disorder May Be Hurting Your Health


Millions of people suffer from diagnosed sleep disorders, and they receive much-needed treatment to address the symptoms and the effects of their disorder. Others, however, suffer from undiagnosed sleep disorders. The effects of an untreated sleep disorder can have a profound impact on your life. These disorders often result in extreme sleep deprivation and other issues, and these are a few of the many ways that they may hurt your health.

The Impact on Mental Health

When your body does not get enough sleep on a regular basis, you may be more likely to deal with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. You may regularly be in a foul mood and feel unable to cope with even minor stressors in daily life. In addition, you may feel like you have a short fuse, and you may have trouble with short-term and long-term memory. Many of these factors have profound effects on your professional and personal life, your relationships and more.

Risks Associated with Drowsiness and Decreased Focused

Sleep deprivation associated with an undiagnosed sleep disorder may result in regular drowsiness, diminished alertness and reduced ability to focus. Problem-solving may seem challenging as well. These issues may affect your personal safety as they can impact your ability to drive a car, to exercise and to complete other tasks safely. They may also impact your performance at work or school. If you suffer from a sleep disorder, your doctor may prescribe a medication like Modalert tablets to improve focus, memory, and concentration while the underlying condition is being treated.

Damage to Physical Health

Your body requires an ample amount of rest through healthy sleep in order to function properly. When it does not receive the rest that is needed, numerous physical health issues can develop. For example, you may deal with weight gain as you eat more to combat fatigue. You may also have a weakened immune system and be more likely to contract contagious illnesses. High blood pressure, a lower libido, poor balance, heart disease, diabetes and more may be more likely.

You can see that a sleep disorder has profound ramifications that far exceed simply feeling sleepy every day. If you are not able to get a reasonable amount of uninterrupted and restful sleep each night, now is the time to seek a professional diagnosis and to begin receiving treatment for your condition. You can wake up feeling rested and enjoy improved overall health as a result of this effort.

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