Headaches, everyone gets them at one point or another. There could be many different reasons for getting headaches, but what’s important is to get them treated right away. Some types of headaches, like migraines, require prescription medication to be treated. But most of us typically get temporary headaches that go away with temporary cures. If you are suffering from a throbbing headache after a long day of work, here are some treatments that would help:

Throbbing Headache

Stop Looking at Bright Lights or Bright Screens

If you got your headache after staring at the computer screen for hours, then that was probably the reason. The glare from computer screens, and bright light from overhead bulbs or headlights of cars when driving can cause unbearable headaches. If you are exposed to excessive brightness, immediately remove your eyes from the source of the light. Turn off the computer screen or the mobile screen and look away. Let your eyes rest for a while before commencing work. If possible, don’t look at bright lights until the headache is completely gone. You should definitely adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the screen to avoid risking the headache from coming back. Also, wearing anti-glare glasses will help protect your eyes.

Take a Paracetamol Pill

Paracetamol based pain relievers like Panadol is quite good for relieving headache pain at least temporarily. While you rest your eyes, take a Panadol or a similar pill. You should feel the effects within an hour or so. Most headache relievers are non-prescription drugs you can conveniently purchase from pharmacy online in Australia. It will save you the hassle and the pain of having to go to a store while you are feeling ill. You can ask your doctor if taking a particular headache reliever is safe, especially if you are taking another medication at the same time. Most headache relievers contain paracetamol or aspirin, which may counteract with certain drugs, so always be aware of potential risks.

Use a Warm or Cold Pack

Depending on the climate, and your mood, you can use an ice pack or a warm cloth to relieve the tension from the headache. Place the back at the back of the neck and ease into it. Alternatively, you can place an ice back or a warm towel on your forehead. Close your eyes and relax. The temperature difference often brings quick and temporary relief. It can also help you relax, which is the main this necessary to ease your headache.


Have you skipped a meal or two during the day? That could very well be the cause of your headache. Low blood sugar caused by skipping meals commonly causes mild to severe headaches in people. So, take care to make sure you are well fed and well hydrated to ease the tension in your head. Skipping meals can also make you cranky, which will make the headache worse.

Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Cigarettes

When you are in pain because of a headache, it’s easy to fall back into comfort habits like smoking, drinking, or coffee hoping it will bring relief. In reality, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol will only make your headache worse. Caffeine can hinder with your ability to sleep, this exacerbating the headache. So, avoid these habits if you are suffering from a headache.

What’s really important is to cut out anything causing your stress that might have lead to the headache. You should do the above listed and rest your eyes to find relief.