Keep Bacteria Away 4 Hygiene Products to Always Carry With You

Humans carry around pounds of bacteria every day. While some are produced naturally and necessary, like gut Bacteroides that help with digestion, others are picked up from our environment. To combat problematic bacteria, here are four items to consistently carry.

Baby Wipes

Commonly known for cleaning baby bottoms, baby wipes are a convenient way to eliminate bacteria, especially on the go. In situations where you cannot properly clean hands or an accident, baby wipes are a quick, disposable way to get rid of germs. Expanding beyond body use, baby wipes are great for cleaning up body fluids while on a car ride or wiping down a changing table. These are also great for wiping in public when tissue alone won’t cut it.

Hand Sanitizer

Everywhere you go, from help desks to restaurant entrances, you will always find hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is great for situations where you cannot wash your hands but may have touched a public surface full of bacteria. For people touching public transportation handrails or shake hands on a consistent basis, hand sanitizer is a quick, and oftentimes discreet, way to clean your hands. The alcohol content kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi with one squirt.

Baby Powder

Sweating helps the body eliminate toxins through our skin. Once the bacteria is expelled, it sits on skin, causing odor and friction, which can lead to rashes. Baby powder is great for absorbing that moisture and eliminating friction, which is great for armpit and under-breast sweat, but also for ball sweat for active men. If you’re not a fan of talc powder, there are alternatives, even cornstarch for a natural substitute.

Oral Hygiene Products

Our mouths carry a lot of our body’s bacteria. It is important to practice good oral health hygiene wherever we go. Because we cannot always brush our teeth after a meal, carrying around dental floss and mouthwash will allow bacteria from leftover food to be flushed well enough until you can get to your toothbrush. Mouthwash is especially great for cleaning your tongue after eating something that may cause bad breath.

Practicing personal hygiene is important, both for health and social purposes. With most people spending more time outside of their home during the day, these items will get the job done anywhere you are. Best of all, they all can fit into a purse or briefcase. Purchase a travel size package of the mentioned items and bacteria will disappear.