Natural Home Remedies for Feet for Utmost Care


How to Care For Feet With Natural Home Remedies

Everyone demands a lot from their feet, but they don’t give them a second thought because they are way down the body-until they start hurting. Now, they cannot be ignored as they are too important part of everything that people do such as running, walking, exercising and standing. They are the most abused part of the body as they are constantly being suffocated inside the shoes; they hold up the weight of the entire body and are the most neglected area during skin treatments. A multitude of food care products can be found in the market nowadays, but most of them are very expensive and comprise of artificial perfumes and harsh chemicals.

Instead, people can opt for some natural home remedies for pampering the feet as they are highly effective, gentle and fun as well. Some of the natural home remedies for feet are discussed here:

  1. A lime should be cut in half and its juice should be massaged into the feet, on calluses and between the toes for about five to ten minutes and then use warm water to rinse the feet. Lime is said to be one of the simplest and affordable remedy for foot care and it has the ability of combating foot odor and athletes foot, leaving them feeling soft and supple.
  2. Take ½ teaspoon of ground almonds, 1 teaspoon of kosher salt, 2 tablespoon of olive oil and eight large strawberries together. Create a paste by mashing the ingredients together and this will make an exfoliating foot cream. This cream should be massaged onto the feet, which should then be rinsed and dried.
  3. Use a few drops of almond oil for moisturizing your feet and healing them after taking a shower as this helps in preventing cracked and dry skin. This oil is highly useful because it’s absorbed into the skin deeply and can therefore help in relieving pains and aches. This is one of the reasons why almond oil is often used in aromatherapy as a relaxing agent. However, people should be careful enough to purchase only small quantities of almond oil as it ends to go bad faster than other oils.
  4. A relaxing foot remedy can be made at any time of the day by adding a few drops of any essential oil to almond oil. There are several essential oils that can be used such as lavender, rosemary and germanium, which smell excellent and can also be beneficial in relieving aching and tired feet. Take ten spoons of sweet almond oil and add five drops of your chosen essential oil to it. This oil can be carried anywhere by people and applied onto the feet whenever they need a break or when their feet start aching.

These natural home remedies for feet are highly useful in aiding people in maintaining the beauty of the feet. They can be implemented whenever people find it convenient to do so and are very relaxing for the feet. They are much better than any harsh product that’s available.

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