10 Tips from Dental Hygienist for Gum Care


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There are so many reasons to take care of your gums and teeth. You are not only able to eat properly but also enjoy a good overall health. Imagine a situation when you are not able to eat properly or you are suffering from sensations in your teeth throughout the day. It is not easy to live with dental problems. Therefore, you must follow these tips to make them your routine for a healthy life.

  1. Use fluoride in required amount

Fluoride in toothpaste is good to strengthen the enamel on teeth. It is already there in toothpastes, but you can also drink water containing fluoride to have a good dose of the same. But, do not consume too much of it. It is better that you ask your dentist about the quantity of fluoride required by your body.

  1. Use the right toothbrush

The right toothbrush is the one which moves around your mouth easily and has gentle bristles. The appropriate size of the brush can be easily judged by you. Also, you must change your toothbrush every three months or when the bristles wear out.

  1. Rinse your teeth at the least

If it is not possible to brush your teeth twice a day, at least rinse them after every meal. It will remove the excess food stuck in between your teeth.

  1. Floss your teeth daily

Flossing your teeth is equally crucial for your dental health as brushing your teeth is. Still, people feel lazy to include it in their routine. Floss helps to remove plaque from the hidden areas of the teeth where your toothbrush can never reach.

  1. Clean your tongue

Apart from leaning your teeth, it is important to clean your tongue as well. Use a good quality tongue scraper to clean it daily. Tongue scrapers are far more effective than just toothbrushes for cleaning.

  1. Use a mouthwash

Use a mouthwash for cleaning and freshening up your mouth after meals. But, the mouthwash you use must be alcohol free. Alcohol causes dryness in your mouth which is a major cause of irritation and dental diseases.

  1. Chew gum

Chewing a sugar free gum is also a good method to clean your mouth. It increases the saliva flow in the mouth which automatically neutralizes acid and washes away bacteria.

  1. Cut down on alcohol and sodas

It is not easy to completely eliminate sodas and alcohol from our foods. But still, you can try to cut down on their consumption. Excessive intake of such drinks causes depletion of calcium in your body, which is detrimental to your health.

  1. Avoid tobacco

You already know that tobacco is not good for oral health. But, the products you consume to suppress the smell of tobacco like candies, tea and coffee; cause even more damage to your health. Tea and coffee are already known to cause dullness in your pearly white smile.

  1. Consume calcium along with other nutrients

Calcium and Vitamin D are good for your bones, teeth and gums. You must consume foods rich in calcium such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, broccoli and other products rich in nutrients. These foods protect your teeth from bleeding and cracking.

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