4 Health Benefits of Having Straight Teeth


Confident smiles are only one benefit of straight teeth. In fact, a properly aligned smile is important for overall oral health. From protecting the gums to possibly curing chronic headaches, straight teeth are necessary for a healthy mouth. Here are the top four reasons to invest in a straight, healthy smile.

Wear and Tear Prevention

Teeth are designed to rest naturally in a specific pattern when the jaw closes during the chewing process. When misaligned due to crooked or crowded teeth, this motion becomes more challenging, stressing the muscles of the jaw, neck and face. In addition, tooth enamel wears down faster in these areas, exposing the more sensitive parts of the tooth to the outside world.

Healthier Gums

Either too wide or too close together, misaligned teeth are notorious for causing gum inflammation and irritation. This is because misaligned teeth suffer from excess force that slowly strips the gums away. Much like a poorly built bridge puts too much pressure on one area causing an eventual break, a similar thing happens with the teeth. Once the teeth are fixed, the problem goes away.

Easier Cleaning

The more nooks and crannies created by crooked teeth, the harder they become to clean. Flossing is much more challenging with misaligned teeth, resulting in the buildup of plaque, something that leads to tooth decay if left untreated. This is why braces are essential to oral health and reaching out to an orthodontist, like Dr. Peter Vaughan Specialist Orthodontist, is very important. They allow for easier preventative care, resulting in longer lasting, healthier teeth. While the process can take some time, the results are undeniable. The smile is brighter, the mouth is healthier and the teeth are stronger.

Fewer Headaches

One of the lesser known causes of chronic headaches revolves around misaligned teeth. When close, added stress is put on the joint that joins the lower jaw to the upper jaw. When continually strained by the unnatural placement of the teeth, you can suffer from neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches. As soon as this is corrected, the strain is brought back down to normal, natural levels and the headaches clear up.

The importance of straight teeth cannot be overstated. From protecting the mouth from gum recession to making your own oral cleaning easier, straight teeth lead to a longer, healthier life for your teeth and your mouth. Luckily, today’s technology allows for numerous ways realign your teeth and your jaw, resulting in a smile that brightens a room as you walk in.

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