5 Signs You Need to Get to the Dentist Immediately


The dentist is probably not on your list of favorite things to do. Regular cleanings and checkups should be done every six months. However, certain red flags should warrant a trip to the tooth doctor ASAP, especially if you have missed your last couple of routine visits.


Tooth pain can be agonizing and impossible to ignore. Your pain can have any of many sources, such as a fractured or chipped tooth, a damaged filling, or a cavity. Unfortunately, none of these problems are likely heal on their own, and you will want to get the problem addressed before it gets worse. Living in denial will only lead to more excruciating pain.

If a tooth—or teeth—is giving you regular pain that is difficult to ignore or lasts more than a day or two, it may be worthwhile to look for a same day dental office to book an appointment. Your dentist will be able to find the problem quickly and suggest possible treatments.


You should not ignore the fact that drinking a glass of ice water or coffee is a miserable experience. One sign of tooth decay is sensitivity to certain sensations. Nerve endings are located towards the middle of your tooth, causing greater susceptibility to stimuli. Though the pain will likely fade when the stimulus is no longer present, that does not mean that the problem is gone.

Many people experience sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks as well as to sugary substances, especially gummy candy that sticks to teeth for a while. This sensitivity may even stop you from eating certain foods, and if it’s bad enough, you may avoid eating and chewing altogether. So that you don’t have to avoid your favorite foods, visit a dentist and get any cavities filled.

Bleeding Gums

Healthy gums play a vital role in overall oral health. Many people may think that blood on your toothbrush or when you spit is normal. However, while it may be a sign that you’ve brushed a little too hard one day, blood can also be a sign of a much more severe issue: periodontal disease. If left untreated, periodontal disease can create a severe infection and ultimately can result in you losing teeth. Swollen and red gums should also be taken seriously and should be examined immediately.

Bad Breath

Your bad case of halitosis may be more than just eating garlic wings at lunch. If you have tried gum, breath mints, and mouthwash with no luck, this could be a sign of more significant problems. Bad breath could be caused by a lack of routine brushing and flossing or more complicated issues like tooth decay, gingivitis, or even a tooth abscess. You may put this issue off because halitosis does not cause pain, and it’s easy to get used to your own bad breath. However, it’s best to play it on the safe side and schedule a dentist appointment.

Unusual Noises

Grinding or clicking noises may be signs of jaw problems or broken teeth. You may hear these unusual sounds when you bite down, or your partner may hear them while you sleep. Regardless, if you’ve noticed unusual sounds from your teeth, it’s important to have a professional diagnose any potential problems that could escalate.

Trips to the dentist can be uncomfortable, but pushing off the warning signs of oral problems can seriously jeopardize your health. Many dental problems are much likely to be fixed easily when they are tackled immediately. If you wait to take care of them, the costs could go up and the likelihood of treatment success could go down. It’s best to get in to see your dentist as soon as possible.

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