A smile can make someone’s day, which is why I make sure to take care of my teeth well! That means routine trips to the dentist and following their professional advice on how to care for my pearly whites. However, not everyone likes going to the dentist, and they would follow different random tips they’ve acquired online!

Sure, it’s a good effort in caring for your teeth, but you’ll be shocked with the many WRONG tips and myths out there. It’s best to be wary about such myths to avoid doing, heading to legitimate professionals for techniques and tips instead.

To keep your teeth clean and well-maintained, here are some of the common dental myths to keep an eye out for!

Seven Common Dental Myths

You’ll be surprised with how many myths there actually are when thinking about dental care. Unfortunately, they spread like wildfire, and it can result in negative long-term effects on your teeth! With that said, look into these common dental myths and make sure you have a good dentist to provide the correct information and recommendations:

  1. The More and Harder You Brush Your Teeth, the Better

A lot of people think that just because they brush their teeth more than the usual person means their teeth are cleaner. That’s actually completely untrue! If you brush too roughly with a hard toothbrush, it can be too abrasive on both teeth and gums, causing damage to it. The same goes for over-brushing teeth, which may lead to tooth wear and gum recession from the abrasive properties of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

  1. You Don’t Need Dental X-Rays

This is another common myth many believe in, thinking that they don’t have to go through procedures like dental x-rays. Such x-rays are actually necessary and should be a part of dental care. These are what help discover any other deeply-rooted uses you can’t see during normal exams.

For instance, dental x-rays can identify wisdom teeth, hidden decay, and any other harmful issues which can go unnoticed and damage your teeth in the long run.

  1. Kids Don’t Require Dentist Appointments Until They Begin School

Many parents think that just because their children’s teeth will fall out, they don’t need a dentist just yet! Again, that’s wrong and your child requires the typical dental treatments of their age. They need to get used to seeing the dentist, by the time they’re two years old unless there’s a dental problem happening before that.

Through early visits, you can help keep their teeth and gums healthy while getting them used to these visits since they usually fear the dentist!

  1. White Teeth Equate To Healthy Teeth

People assume that white teeth aren’t only attractive, but a measurement of good dental health. Again, this is false, as there is still a possibility of pearly whites being very unhealthy. Besides this, there are also teeth that don’t look the most attractive, but they’re in amazing condition.

  1. I Don’t Feel Pain, So There’s No Need to See a Dentist

Teeth that aren’t in pain doesn’t mean everything is fine, they may look and feel healthy, but that doesn’t mean you should skip your check-ups. Avoid waiting until you feel any pain or discomfort in your teeth and/or gums. Make sure that you go to your dentist at least twice a year for dental exams to ensure good health and to take preventative measures.

  1. Sugar is the Main Cause of Tooth Decay

Sugar does play a significant role in tooth decay, though that isn’t the real and biggest cause. It’s actually bacteria that cause tooth decay, which can come from not just sugar, but carbs and food particles. When acid meets this salvia, it causes plaque.

That’s why you need to brush your teeth twice a day to prevent tooth decay from such particles.

  1. Teeth Whitening Is Harmful To Our Teeth

We see many teeth whitening kits and products which might contain harmful chemicals, which is why it’s not recommended to have it done in salons or kiosks. However, not ALL teeth whitening procedures are harmful. As long as it’s fine by a true dental professional, then you can have your teeth whitened efficiently.

Wrapping It Up

There are so many things that end up being wrong, including dental information and advice! By learning about the common myths and misconceptions of teeth care, that’s one step closer to keeping a great smile. But of course, you also have to go to the dentist to maintain your teeth well, looking into reputable offices like Cockburn Dentist AmoreDental.

I hope these common dental myths gave you an idea of what you should and shouldn’t do for your teeth. To begin caring for those pearly whites and maintain healthy white teeth you’ll love for years to come.

If you have any questions or want to share some dental tidbits as well, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated!