dental cost

A dentist can be extremely expensive. Yet on the other hand, when a tooth starts hurting, you wouldn’t mind selling your house just to pay your dental cost. However, prevention is key, not only for keeping your teeth healthy, but also keeping your wallet full, and your investments somewhere where they will be better appreciated.

Here are some natural tips to reduce your dental costs:

Brush regularly

A minimum of two times a day, for at least two minutes is something you absolutely HAVE to do every day to keep your teeth healthy and clean. It doesn’t really matter when you do it, although I would recommend washing your teeth in the morning and right before bedtime. Also make sure not to press too hard when brushing, take it easy and take your time.

Use floss

Even though most people avoid it, flossing is equally important as brushing. It helps you get rid of excess food which often gets stuck in places where your toothbrush can’t reach. Extra food in your mouth also means extra food for the bacteria in your mouth, which in the end renders all your brushing useless.

Minimise sugar intake

This is also a no-brainer. Sugar is known to be one of the main reasons for teeth decay. But that doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the heavenly sweets, you should just balance out your diet. How do you know if you’re eating too much sugar? Well, if you have excess fat, you should probably slow down on the doughnuts.

Avoid soda and sweet drinks

Soda and sweet drinks have pretty much the same effect on your teeth like sugar. As a matter of fact, most sweet drinks have so much sugar in them it’s crazy. For example, here’s how much sugar a can of Coke has. Soda can also hurt your teeth enamel, so I would most definitely avoid it. Water is your best friend.

Don’t try to bite through hard stuff

Your teeth are for chewing food, and chewing food only. Don’t try to open bottles with them, or bite through walnuts. Teeth are easier to break than you might imagine, and fixing that crack is going to cost you lots of money.

Do regular check-ups

Prevention is always better than treatment, and when it comes to your oral hygiene, it’s no different. Regular visits to the dentist will cost you some money, but compared to what you might lose if you only go when all hell breaks loose in your mouth. However, there are ways even regular check-ups can be easier on your wallet, like Reassurance Dental.

Avoid homemade whiteners

This one became really popular in the age of social media, where everyone keeps spamming those selfies and wants to have a big, shining smile. However, seeking advice on pearly white teeth from anyone else but your dentist, and especially seeking advice from the Internet, is asking for trouble. There are people out there that suggest you mix lemon juice and baking soda, and clean your teeth with it. That is literally, and I really mean literally, destroying your teeth. Be smart, avoid homemade whiteners and consult your dentist before doing anything on whitening your teeth.