Laser is the new buzzword in the field of dentistry as in comparison to traditional dentistry. Some patients are not in favor of taking anesthesia as the technique is painless though others may experience little discomfort, the treatment will heal quickly, will not require stitches and most importantly there is no scope for bacterial infection as the laser will kill the bacteria. With the advancement in digital technology, the laser application indeed has turned into a trend in contemporary dental practices.

The laser is an innovative and modern tool in a qualified dentist’s hands. Laser means light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. It provides energy through the light that allows for specificity in this treatment. Using laser in the field of dentistry will work wonders to increase the comfort, ease, and efficiency of the procedure.

Laser Treatment for Teeth

Laser dentistry in case of the teeth get used in the following circumstances namely

  • Detection of Cavity- The laser treatment will help to detect cavity at an early stage. The light on the laser will provide the dentist with signals when the cavity is present and will help in treating it faster.
  • Teeth Whitening- This form of dentistry provides instant and lasting outcomes in case of teeth whitening. The tooth gets whitened up to 9-10 shades in just a single visit to the dentist.
  • Sensitive Teeth- Teeth sensitivity resulting from drinking cold or hot beverages can reduce through laser dentistry.
  • Tooth Fillings- It is the laser treatment that can help in replacing the drill soon with regards to dental filling application. Along with precise application of fillings, the bacteria will also be destroyed and eliminated in the procedure.

Laser Dentistry for Gums

Just as the teeth, laser treatment can also be used for treating different gum problems such as,

  • Epulis- It is through laser treatment a dentist can treat skin tissue folds which results from dentures which are ill-fitting.
  • Crown Lengthening- This treatment can help in reshaping the gums and the tooth for healthy looking tooth.
  • Frenula- It is a treatment for kids that face trouble breastfeeding or are tongue-tied.
  • Gummy Smile- Lasers can help one in getting the smile that they always wanted. It will reshape the gum and show more teeth rather than gums.

Modern Dental Lasers- The Different Types

The dental lasers available today are wide-ranging with regards to construction and treatment capabilities. Lights of different wavelengths produce different effects thereby making it ideal for a variety of applications. Just as sedation dentistry, laser dentistry is also of different types. Take a look at the different dental lasers used in modern dentistry,

  • Soft Tissue Lasers- It aims to affect the gums in various ways. Dentists use soft tissue lasers for removing infected tissue, lingual frenectomies, cosmetic gum line reshaping amid others. After the laser treatment, the patient will heal quickly.
  • Hard Tissue Lasers- The teeth requires being prepared for a dental restoration or in case of a cavity. A hard tissue laser will help in cutting the teeth for allowing fillings, crowns, and veneers for fitting into place. The laser tooth preparation will be more comfortable compared to the preparation done through the dental drill. The patient at all times may not need dental anesthesia.
  • Oral Cancer and Decay Detection Laser- For a dentist to recognize decay or oral cancer in a patient at an early stage is vital. The disease detection laser will make the unhealthy tissue fluoresce to form a visual tell whenever something is not right.
  • Teeth Whitening Lasers- Thanks to the whitening lasers through which whitening has turned more efficient. Such tools will help in catalyzing the hydrogen peroxide gel for stimulating the effects of whitening. Besides lasers will assist in breaking up the compounds that cause staining even in a situation when discoloration happens to be deep within the enamel. Sensitive teeth whitening will be taken care of comfortably.

Top 5 Benefits

One cannot deny the different advantages which laser dentistry ensures over the traditional dental techniques such as,

  • Minimal Discomfort- What are the fundamental causes of discomfort in the case of conventional dentistry? Well, it includes pressure, heat, and vibration. The laser that will penetrate the hard and soft tissue will not cause any discomfort as there will be no involvement of vibration, pressure or heat. Here numbing agents or anesthesia is not generally needed. The specialty of laser treatment is it will cut down the rate of bleeding thereby making it more comfortable and convenient.
  • Precise and Accurate– Laser dentistry uses a form of technology that uses thin beam light which will hit those tissues only which requires treatment. It allows a dentist in carrying out dental procedures like performing biopsies, treating inflamed tissue and removing tooth decay without causing any harm to the surrounding areas. This way one will be capable of retaining the structure of the tooth and enjoy their natural teeth.
  • Less Traumatic- When dentists use high-speed drills it can cause fractures and hairline cracks in the teeth causing tooth problems in the future. But with laser dentistry, you can keep such discomforts away which means it will be less traumatic.
  • Fewer Dental Visits- Laser dentistry handles the job fast and more accurately. There is no need for anesthesia, and most treatments can be done in a single visit thereby saving you hassle and time while handling the dental problem.
  • Control and Reduce Bleeding and Swelling- Laser dentistry uses precision, so dentists handle a small tissue part at the time of the procedure. No matter where gum bleeding will be reduced dramatically. The laser at the time of bleeding can be used for sealing the blood vessels to stop the bleeding.

Besides laser treatment is highly versatile and can be used on different procedures including both hard and soft tissue and most importantly can stop future dental problems. Be it the soft gums or the hard teeth laser dentistry will be your best solution.