Oral Health for Seniors: 4 Signs You Should Consider Dental Implants


One of the first things someone notices when they meet you is your smile. Teeth that are in poor form, yellowed, cracking, even missing, can give a bad impression to some people. In addition to the superficial problems, neglected teeth can be painful and lead to serious health problems- even death in some cases. Many folks choose to have dental implants put in for looks and health. Here are 4 signs you should consider dental implants.


Your Dentures Are Not Fitting Correctly

One sign that you may be ready to use dental implants is if your dentures will not stay in place or fit correctly in your mouth. Even the best dentist cannot guarantee a perfect fit. If you are experiencing bacterial issues with your dentures this may be the cause. In the dentistry profession, dentures are often considered a stepping stone to dental implants.


Problems Eating

If your teeth are hurting to the point where every meal or sip of water is a pain, it may be time to make a change. Having pain while eating, chewing, or speaking can be a serious impediment to your well-being and that kind of pain can have a dramatic effect on your life.


Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are one of the most cited reasons that people use dental implants. Missing teeth are very obvious to others and can cause those who are missing teeth to feel poorly about their appearance. Chewing food may also be harder, especially as you age. A new set of teeth implants takes care of the utilitarian issues as well as the cosmetic. Professionals have the process down to a science and the results are instant and dramatic.


Constant Tooth Infections

This is another of the top reasons why people opt-in for dental implants. Your mouth is full of bacteria and thus is susceptible to infection. While antibiotics can treat many infections in your mouth they are only useful up until a certain point. If your infections are widespread or recurring it may be a good idea to look at dental implant options in your area.


Many people avoid dealing with their dental health because of the inherent anxiety involved with the issue. Going to the dentist, hearing the drill, feeling the numbness- these can all be very negative experiences. However, proper dental care is integral to your personal well-being both your health and your sense of self. If you have any of the signs mentioned in this article you should consider dental implants.

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