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Retention Orthodontique: What Your Orthondontiste Can Do

Whether you already had some orthodontic work done in your mouth or you’re thinking about getting some done in the near future, one question may cross your mind: how to make sure that you’ll retain your orthodontic results for as long as possible? Considering the price of these procedures and the importance of having a nice smile in more and more lines of work, nowadays, this question can’t be glanced over. Read what follows to know more about this subject, and if you have more questions after that, get in touch with Dr. Frédéric Lavoie – Orthodontiste.


How to Fix an Overbite

According to an article in The Atlantic, overbites developed in the human race just 250 years ago. Most of us have lived or grown up with braces and other contraptions meant to correct tooth misalignment, so it seems weird to us. But Bee Wilson, author…

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