The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Going To A Dentist


Dental practice is one of the most lucrative business areas today. Even though the appointments and especially the procedures tend to be a bit over the top, investing in your teeth is investing in your health. A bright and healthy smile makes us feel more confident and other people notice both the smile and the confidence boost.

Still, numerous misconceptions arise about dental care. We make mistakes constantly and we are not well informed. Here is some bad advice about going to a dentist.

You can brush teeth with your fingers

If it doesn’t sound wrong, it really should. Forgetting a toothbrush while you are on a trip is extremely common. But still try to restrain from brushing your teeth by simply applying toothpaste on with your fingers. It doesn’t work.

No matter what type of toothpaste you are using, it is the brush that cleans your teeth. You can never have the same effect with rubbing the paste over your teeth with fingers. Go and buy a new brush, and add dental floss while you are at it. If you floss regularly besides brushing, you will become your dentist’s favorite patient.

You only need to go to a dentist if you have toothache

No matter how afraid you might be, you should make your dentist appointment regularly. By doing this you are making sure that everything is alright, that your teeth and gums are healthy and in good state. This way there should be no need for a painful procedure that you so wish to avoid. Skipping on an appointment, and going only when there is a problem, will never result with a simple comfortable checkup.

Dental X rays cause cancer

There is simply no need to worry about this. You can be exposed to a lot more radiation by simply going out today then by a dental X ray. These methods can reveal a potential medical problem that needs carrying so check whether the insurance you have covers them and get the X rays. Numerous websites of dental practices, like the Eugene Dentist website offer a view of their full service so be informed.

Brushing solves bad breath

One of the biggest myths about the cleanliness of our mouth is that bad breath is the result of bad hygiene. Certainly, bad habits do not help, but it is the bacteria in our mouth that cause bad breath. Try using xylitol (a sugar substitute found in chewing gum). It changes the chemistry of your mouth and clears your breath.

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