When our baby teeth fall, some of us keep them in a safe place; others put them under the pillow, for the Tooth Fairy. And then there are kids who can’t be convinced the give up on their baby teeth at home, so their parents have to take them to the dentist. No matter which of these kids you were, there are high chances your parents kept at least one of your baby teeth when they fell. They probably did this to have a cute reminder of your childhood, but now scientific advancement makes those baby teeth highly valuable. And it all has to do with your health.

Regenerative medicine provides new treatments

We should keep our baby teeth because they have a large amount of stem cells, which are used for Stem Cell Therapy & Treatments. These treatments can be used against a lot of conditions and illnesses, from joint pain to cancer and the researchers are working on treatments for other diseases. Stem cells can be used to renew and replace damaged cell from your body.

If your baby teeth are stored correctly, doctors can collect stem cells from them, in order to ease your pain or even save your life.

Losing your first set of teeth

Around the age of seven, kids lose their first set of teeth. The process is a natural one, being the way our bodies replace the baby teeth with the stronger, adult teeth, which are permanent. In many cultures baby teeth are thought to be good luck charms, so the evidence found by modern researchers comes as additional proof that we should be preserving our baby teeth in the best possible way.

This best preservation way is far from what one might think of. In order for the baby teeth to be usable in the future, they need to be kept in liquid nitrogen. This is a method of cryogenation which preserves the stem cells inside the baby teeth in their original state for many years.

Preserving your baby teeth

To preserve baby teeth the proper way you need to contact a specialized company, which is going to provide you with the necessarily storage space under certain conditions. When they are preserved, baby teeth stem cells can be used after decades to grow healthy tissue. You might be able to receive stem cells injections to cure heart disease, joint disease, blood disease and even mental diseases. Stem cells can be programmed to grow into virtually any type of tissue, so their healing potential is huge. However, they need to be preserved in liquid nitrogen; otherwise, the stem cells will lose their abilities.

While your own baby teeth might not be usable anymore, your child’s baby teeth might save your family member’s life one day. If you want to preserve baby teeth contact a reliable company and store them for future use. In a couple of decades stem cells from baby teeth might be able to cure ailments which are now incurable.