Where to buy Shakeology Shake


Shakeology is a rich and super meal replacement shake that is packed full of over 70 nutrients that are capable of providing the required body nutrients in place of your regular meals. It is also helpful in providing weight lose for anyone needing it for that purpose. This product has taken the world like a storm ever since it was launched with more and more people signing up to catch on the benefits it offers.

The product is of different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate vegan, strawberry and greenberry. These are made out of a composition of:

  • Super-fruit blend: This contains antioxidants. It’s a blend rich product like green tea, camu-camu, bilberry, grape seed, pomegranate and a host of others.
  • Super-protein: This is from chia, pea, sacha, inchi and others. They help with improve skin and hair quality, build muscles and help with eyes clarity.
  • Pre and prop bacterial blend: These are blends of lactobacillus sporogenes, chicory root and yacon root to mention a few. They help in food digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Super-green/phytonutrient blend: These are from maitake, , Ashwagandha, reishi and they help with immune system and relieve stress.

Where to buy shakeology

Shakeology is a product that is commonly sold in the US and in Canada. Contrary to what is believed to be on where the product is sold online, the product has no official sales in top e-commerce websites like eBay, Walmart and Amazon. The business model is structured that people can only buy from the Beachbody or their distributors called Team Beachbody coach online.

Why does shakeology show up on big e-commerce sites?

This is the question that keeps new customers wondering. If the product is not officially sold in those platforms, why are they there, are they counterfeits? Really we may not say such products are counterfeits. They may actually be the actual shakeology itself. The fact is, resellers are the ones out there to make some good sales on the product as it is growing to be very much accepted by the majority of shake lovers. The disadvantage of buying from resellers is that you don’t stand to enjoy the benefits you would normally do when you buy from Beachbody coaches or directly from the shakeology website. The condition of the final product you receive from these sellers may not be guaranteed to be in perfect condition. So, weigh up your risks before venturing.

Different modes of buying shakeology from their site

You can buy shakeology online with different options to choose from. You may go for the home direct shipment where the product is shipped to your doorsteps monthly. This will cost over $140 with shipment cost monthly. You may have discounted price if you signed up with becoming a Beachbody coach. The other option you can choose to get your supplies is if you want it just by months when you want it and not auto-shipment like above. Lastly, you get an option to try out the product before eventually making a commitment to purchase.

All these are through the company’s website or through the Beachbody coaches.

Today there are several options for healthy shakes in the market. The several healthy shakes out there are unique, and each has their benefits, including weight loss, increased energy, and other benefits. Shakeology is one of the ideal healthy shakes out in the market. If you are thinking of drinking Shakeology, you may not be sure whether it is the right option for. If you would like to try Shakeology, it is important that you have an idea of how it can help you. We are going to look at a few reason as to why Shakeology is good for you.


Shakeology is known to comprise the most important antioxidants that one needs in the body. This includes flavonoids and phytonutrients such as carrot powder, vitamins E and C, spinach and many other. The antioxidants are ideal to prevent radical from oxidizing and destroying cells. They are also excellent in supporting the immune system and also reduce the body’s normal inflammatory response.


Shakeology has a wide variety of B Vitamins and trace minerals, including magnesium and zinc. These components are ideal for regulating metabolism and increasing energy in the body. Energy is quite important in ensuring that you stay active throughout the day.


When you start taking Shakeology, you will significantly improve your digestion. The shake is a probiotic blend that contains fiber and also has different enzymes lactase, cellulase, papain and other enzymes. These enzymes play a huge role in supporting digestion. They do so by breaking down the food molecules that are in the digestion systems.


Shakeology contains various ingredients including flaxseed, barley grass, spinach, chlorella, and spirulina. These elements work together to work as a potent detoxification compound. They will help one’s body getting rid of environmental toxins such as heavy metals, smog, herbicides, pesticides and other harmful toxins. The shake also contains Kamut grass, which is a natural and powerful detoxifier ideal for cleansing the body.

Immunity Boost

The various ingredients, such as flavonoids and bioflavonoids work together to boost one’s immunity. Consuming the healthy shake will support and improve one’s immune system to ensure that they stay active and healthy.

With these few example of how Shakeology can help one, it is evident that this is an excellent choice for those looking to stay healthy. There are plenty more benefits of using this healthy shake. At the end of the day, you will be able to have complete nutrition. The shakes play a vital role in ensuring that your body gets all the necessary nutrition requirements to keep the body healthy and in good shape. All the seventy plus ingredients in the shake work together to adequately fuel your body and help you get the body that you want.

When used in the right way, Shakeology is believed to play a huge role in weight loss. The shake can work as a perfect supplement to a weight loss diet.

With all the various benefits of Shakeology, you will find that it is good for you.

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