Positive Health Impacts of Volunteering In Your Community


As we progress farther into 2017, many new year’s resolutions may become less frequently followed. Among the top new year’s resolutions- volunteering- may have become less frequently visited or practiced as we progress further into the year. Our lives naturally become more busy, and we have many obligations that we must take care of. Our resolutions slowly begin to be placed on the back-burner, and we may completely forget about some of the positive health resolutions we have developed for the new year.


If you have been able to stick to your resolutions all year- congratulations! It can be a challenge for many- especially those with full time occupations and a demanding schedule. It’s important to step back and evaluate some of the most common resolutions- like getting more exercise, and volunteering your time within the community, and how they can positively impact your health and well-being throughout the duration of the year. Lets step back and think of the positive impact that volunteering in your community can have on your health.




Volunteering your time and energy often promotes an individual to become more active. For those who might sit in front of a computer or within a cubicle each day, a volunteering opportunity can have many physical benefits. Your body may naturally become accustomed to sitting down for a longer period of time. When you volunteer, the vast majority of the time will be spent on your feet. As a result, your body gets more exercise from walking around and physically moving during your volunteering time. As an example, volunteering time at the local animal shelter may require an individual to walk around between various dog kennels and spend time picking up animals and lifting them into different cages. This can help the body develop additional exercise and increase blood circulation throughout the body.


Mental State


It’s always a good idea to develop some level of variation to an individual’s schedule or lifestyle. Besides, change can help your mental state and allow you to focus on your daily tasks after switching up, or taking a break from them for a brief amount of time. Volunteering efforts can help to break up your schedule and offer a new activity that can allow the mind to relax from day-to-day obligations and requirements. Volunteering can also help individuals develop a new skillset and learn about new things they may have never dealt with before.


Social Impacts


Volunteering is one of the best ways to meet genuine, respectable individuals within your community. Since other volunteers are taking time away from their day to assist with a local charity or organization, you can believe they have similar viewpoints about the impact an individual can have on their society. As a result, other volunteers are a great source for new friendships and developing relationships with other like-minded individuals in your area. Furthermore, volunteering can help to expand your network of professional individuals whom you can keep in mind for future business interactions and relationships.


How To Get Involved


Volunteering can sometimes pose a challenge for those who would like to become involved. It can be hard to find opportunities in your region that are open to volunteers, and are accepting them during your busy schedule. Consider searching for community calendars in your area that can aid with the process, and showcase local opportunities that you and your peers can become involved with. Consider the many positive impacts on your health, and the vast amount of positive benefits that can be experienced from taking time from your busy schedule and volunteering your time and effort within the community.

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