Am I An Addict? 10 Warning Signs Of Drug Addiction

If they sound too familiar, don’t hesitate to get professional help for yourself or your loved one


It’s important to notice the warning signs of drug addiction early because the longer a substance is used, the harder it is to stop. If you notice any of these ten warning signs of drug addiction in yourself or someone you love, seek the professional help needed to get on the road to recovery.  

Therapist looking after her patient

1. Drastic Mood Swings

Drug addicts often experience high highs and low lows that correlate with the partaking of drugs. These “cycles” can make someone go from being depressed and angry to cheerful and talkative within just a few minutes.

2. Chronically Disinterested

Poor performance at school or work, walking in late consistently, and being generally disinterested in everything is a sign to look for with drug addiction. That’s because an addict is always worried about their next hit more than any other thing.

3. Poor Hygiene

Wearing dirty clothing, not showering for days at a time, and having poor oral care are typical signs of addiction. Again, the reason for this is that proper hygiene just isn’t at the top of an addict’s priority list. Also, when addicts remain high all day, they may not have the capacity to properly take care of themselves.

4. Sudden Disregard for Relationships

Unfortunately, drugs make people care about no one but themselves. Even loved ones can suddenly be completely neglected by an addict for no other reason than the constant need to get high.

5. Money Mismanagement

Not only will a drug addict mismanage their own money (drain their savings account, not pay their bills, etc.), but they go to great lengths to get money from whatever source they can. This includes selling important personal items and stealing from others.

6. Excessive Weight Loss

There are a couple of reasons why drug addicts experience excessive weight loss. First, they have a decreased appetite simply because the drugs suppress it. Second, drug abusers may suffer from impairments on brain activity and a decrease in reasoning skills which lead to not being concerned with nutrition.

7. Overly Defensive about Substance Use

When asked about substance abuse, an addict will take a very defensive stance. The first line of defense is usually denial. Other defense mechanisms include reverting to childish behaviors such as refusing to talk about it, shifting blame, projecting their own impulses and attributing them to others, justifying behavior, compartmentalizing their problem, repressing unpleasant memories, and rationalizing.

8. Strange Physical Manifestations

Physical warning signs of drug abuse include bloodshot eyes, large pupils, runny nose, sniffling, tremors, impaired coordination, and unusual odors. This is especially true when a few of these symptoms happen in conjunction.

9. Run-Ins with the Law

Frequently, a drug addict will find themselves in trouble with the law. Fights, car accidents, break-ins, and theft are all too common when drugs are involved.

10. Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

When it’s been too long since the last hit, withdrawal symptoms occur. They can range from mild to severe but include restlessness, agitation, tremoring, sweating, insomnia, depression, nausea, and cravings. If drugs are used to relieve withdrawal symptoms, you are addicted.   

What to Do If You Are Experiencing These Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

Do any (or many) of these signs of drug addiction sound familiar to you? Have you experienced the hard truth of substance abuse? If so, don’t feel like you have to get better all on your own. Getting support and professional help from the empathetic experts at a recovery center is your best bet to getting your life back. For your best chance at getting your life back, get help today!

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