4 Cannabis Products to Try for Easing Anxiety


When it seems like your anxiety is taking over and you’re unable to deal with everyday issues in your life, you might be tempted to reach for a prescription bottle with pills. Instead of using a product that has been manufactured in a laboratory and may have several potential side effects, consider a few of the cannabis products that you can try. Many of these products are safe to use each day and can be convenient to have with you any time of the day, but you should start with a small dose to see how your body will feel after taking the product and talk to someone familiar with the products to give you suggestions that will work for you.


If you want something that will last for a while during the day, then consider cannabis mints. Very few people will know that you have a mint in your mouth, making it a good option for when you’re among others during the day. It is easy to keep in your purse or pocket and take to work or when you are out running errands. This is an option to consider if you want a minimal dose of cannabis. A benefit of the product is that you can easily break it in half if you don’t want the full dose.

Sublingual Products

Similar to mints, these are placed underneath your tongue during the day. They will dissolve and deliver the cannabis in them to areas of your body. Cannabis is absorbed quickly by using this product. You can consult with a recreational dispensary to find out more about the strengths available and the flavors that are available as well. Brain activity is often regulated when you use cannabis, which is how it helps with feelings of anxiety. This is a great product to try in order to feel that relief right away when you feel symptoms coming on.


Small bottles of drops, or tincture, can be added to almost anything that you consume during the day. You can put it in your cup of coffee in the morning or on the foods that you eat. The dropper makes it easier to manage how much of the cannabis product you’re using each day. Since the product is a type of oil, it absorbs easily and quickly in the body and doesn’t have an aftertaste like similar products.  This may also be a good product to consider if you tend to feel symptoms of anxiety coming on quickly and all at once. It will help you get immediate relief to ease your mind.


If you want to try a product that is similar to a vitamin or a piece of candy, then consider cannabis gummies. They usually don’t have as much cannabis in them, so you might have to take two at a time to get the full effect from them. It can be good for people who might be sensitive to higher doses of cannabis. It can allow you to still get the benefits of cannabis, without having to take it in a high dose. Gummies are also sometimes flavored so that they don’t have an odd taste.

When you begin using cannabis products for anxiety, it’s sometimes better to experiment with a few different items. Some products might deliver the results that you desire in a short time, while others might take longer for you to experience any kind of relief. Pay attention to the strengths and the strains as these details can impact how soon you feel relief as well. Be sure to take doses that work for you and your body to be able to feel the full benefits.

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