4 Medical Checkups to Keep Your Kids Healthy


4 Medical Checkups to Keep Your Kids Healthy

The foundation for a healthy and productive life is laid during an individual’s childhood. Most parents understand this and strive to keep their little ones healthy by providing nutritious meals, limiting screen time, and encouraging physical activity. While these measures ensure your child does well at school and at various extra-curricular activities, regular medical check-ups also play an important role in maintaining the health of your child.

These routine visits have been designed to help you and your child’s doctors keep track of his or her overall growth and development. All children must undergo four major health check-ups on a regular basis.

Annual Physicals

Your child should visit the pediatrician at least once every year, even if he or she appears perfectly healthy. During the visit, the doctor will conduct a thorough physical and psychological evaluation to ascertain whether or not your kid is reaching all the relevant milestones. Your little one may receive vaccinations, and the pediatrician may recommend further diagnostic testing if anything is suspicious. Early diagnoses and prompt treatment are often crucial for complete recovery. You may also discuss your concerns and get answers for your questions.

Dental Visits

Dental problems impact close to 40 percent of American children under five years of age. The American Dental Association, therefore, recommends routine check-ups once every six months to all children over the age of one year. The dentist will evaluate the oral health of the child, identify tooth decay at an early stage, and provide immediate treatment. You may also receive important tips regarding oral health. Dental offices like Valley Oak Dental Group Inc. have hygienists who clean your child’s teeth thoroughly and remove plaque. The dentist may also recommend braces to align your child’s teeth.

Optometry Visits

Poor vision will impact almost every aspect of your child’s life. She may not be able to see clearly in the classroom and may also have difficulty while playing sports and participating in other activities. Annual eye exams have been designed to diagnose eye problems at an early stage and prevent their progression. Ideally, your child should have the first eye exam at the age of six months and follow it up with routine check-ups every year. The optometrist may recommend glasses to overcome nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and help improve vision.

Gynecology Visits

If you have teenage daughter, do not neglect annual gynecology visits. The American Gynecology Association recommends the first visit between 13 and 15 years of age. The doctor will check your girl’s physiology and provide important information regarding prevention and treatment.

Apart from keeping track of their developmental milestones, regular medical check-ups also help your children understand the value of good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. These habits can help them immensely during their adult life. After all, as they say, health is wealth!

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