4 Signs You Might Need a Psychologist


There is a commonly mistaken belief that a person has to be loco or at least a little insane before it would be necessary for them to seek the services of a psychologist. Even though you don’t have to see a therapist every time you’re a little emotional, it is wrong to believe that you have to be crazy to need therapy. Pretty much everyone experiences some bouts of pain, misery, grief, or stress from time to time. Sometimes, these things are usual and are not potentially dangerous. However, when they get a little too recurrent and its becoming increasingly difficult to shake these feelings off, it might be time for you to see someone. If you’re unsure, here are a few signs you might need to see a therapist.

Extreme and Intense Emotions

One of the first signs is how extreme your emotions are. We all have issues that make us feel these things. However, if they happen a little too often or they are a little too intense every time, you might need therapy. It’s possible that the extreme emotions are a sign that there is some deeper fundamental issue.

Unforgettable Trauma

Another sign that something might be wrong is if you have – recently or not – experienced trauma or some very painful ordeal and it can’t leave your mind at all. The very nature of trauma makes it something that is hard to forget. However, if you spend a lot of time thinking about your ordeal so much that you start to keep away from everybody and you’re always aloof, you might also need therapy. On the other hand, you might not even be quiet and aloof, but instead have a frenzied and hysterical response to the ordeal. If this reaction is uncomfortably prolonged, please see a professional.

Repeated Physical Responses to Emotional Issues

Research has now shown us that unresolved emotional issues can show in the physical. These things could impact our bodies in different ways. You could have recurring headaches, pain from other body parts, or may repeatedly have the flu. In many cases, it could even cause reduced libido. If you experience any of these things repeatedly, you might need the services of a clinical psychologist.

Coping Mechanisms

Sometimes, when some experiences are difficult to overcome, coping mechanisms could be suggested. These things distract you and help you forget your ordeal or worry little by little. In some cases, they are professionally recommended. However, a sign that something might be wrong is if you always find yourself drowned in alcohol or you use drugs often. Constant substance usage or abuse is a sign that you would like to distract yourself or numb your emotions. When you start to experience this, don’t continue with the abuse. Find a professional.

Many people are constantly working towards sensitizing people against the shame and stigma associated to seeking psychology services. So if you feel the need to seek professional help, don’t be shy or reluctant about it. The good people at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Private Healthcare are very equipped to handle these occurrences and will help regain yourself without any fear or stigma. See a professional today.

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