4 Unexpected Injuries To Watch For After Experiencing An Auto Accident


After a car accident, you might go to the hospital to see if you have any injuries that can be treated in the near future. If there are, then the information obtained from the doctor and the emergency room can be turned in to the insurance company so that you can get some kind of compensation. However, there are injuries that might not be present directly after the accident that you need to watch for in the weeks and months ahead.


Neck And Back Pain

This is an issue that you want to get examined as soon as possible. Any kind of neck and back pain could be a sign of whiplash or issues with the vertebrae. You’ll usually see this kind of injury with rear-end collisions. X-rays are usually needed to look at the neck and back to determine the kind of injury that has been sustained. Back pain is usually because of pulled muscles or damage to the ligaments.


Severe Headaches

If you have headaches that seem to get worse over time after the accident, then you need to get the cause figured out as they could be an indication of something severe. Not eating properly or not being able to keep anything on the stomach while having a headache is an indication that there could be something wrong in the way of a blood clot or a concussion. If left untreated, injuries to the brain and head area can lead to other issues with the rest of the body.


Pain In The Abdomen

While wearing a seatbelt or if you are hit on the side of the car, you might experience more abdominal pain. This is sometimes an injury that doesn’t make itself known until a few days or weeks after the accident. Sometimes, pain in the abdomen can be a sign of internal bleeding. Signs to watch for including bruising on the skin, feeling dizzy or fainting.


Stress Disorder

When you’re in a car accident that could have ended in another way than you surviving or being minimally injured, you might have flashbacks and other mental issues that affect everyday life. This is considered a stress disorder and should be treated by a counselor or a licensed therapist. You might have nightmares or feel like you’ll always be in a car accident in this situation.


No one wants to be in a car accident, but there times when it can’t be avoided. Get yourself examined as soon as possible, especially if you have any severe pains at the scene. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer, like Jack W Hanemann, P.S., to help you figure out the legalities and receive just compensation. Monitor the body in the days and weeks afterward to see if there are any changes that might require another doctor’s visit.

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