5 CBD Oil Benefits For Your Pets

CBD for a cure-all solution to health problems


More and more people are turning to CBD for a cure-all solution to their health problems. From treating arthritic pains to curing insomnia–it has quickly become a wellness go-to for those searching for an alternative to synthetic solutions.

But are the benefits of CBD only limited to humans? Here’s the good news for all pet parents out there: your best friends will enjoy CDB as much as you do. With a handful of therapeutic benefits, this might be the solution to many of your pet’s health issues.

Want to know more about CBD and the benefits that it promises to give you and your pets? Understand what it is and how it can affect your furry friends.

Understanding CBD for Pets: The Basics

Just like every discerning pet owner, we know how important it is for you to fully understand this compound before giving it to your pets. Here are some basic facts about CBD.

  • CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound derived from hemp and marijuana plants.
  • It differs from THC because it is entirely non-psychoactive. Rough translation: your pets won’t get high from this.
  • You and your pets cannot overdose from CBD because it has virtually zero toxicity levels.

What are the benefits of CBD for Pets?

Now that we know the basics about CBD, let’s explore its uses. Here are some of the common benefits it can deliver to your pet.

  • It’s a very potent painkiller for your pets.

Joint pains, surgery recovery, dislocated hips–there’s probably nothing more stressful than seeing our best friends suffer through painful trauma such as these. Alleviate their pain by administering a few drops of CBD into their meals.

  • You can calm down inflammation with a few drops of CBD oil.

CBD is potently anti-inflammatory. As with humans, CBD works with CB receptors in our pets’ endocannabinoid system, causing a significant reduction in inflammation in their little bodies. Over time, CBD will work to rebalance their bodies and get them healthy and moving in no time. 

  • CBD will calm down seizures and spasms.

Is your cat or puppy suffering from seizures? Then you’ll be glad to know that CBD is medically accepted as an anticonvulsant too. With regular use, you should be able to control tremors, spasms, and seizures that disturb your best friend’s peace.

  • CBD can generally reduce anxiety and stress for your pets.

Yes, Fido and Felix can develop anxiety, just like humans. Be it a developed phobia or an innate fear of being left alone. Our pets combat anxiety just as much as we do.

Now, you’ve probably heard of CBD being used as a cure for anxiety for humans – but did you know that it works just as well with pets too? CBD is known to increase serotonin levels in both humans and pets, thus reducing anxiety and stress.

So do your beloved furry friend a favor and ease their mental suffering with a few drops of CBD.

  • CBD is also antiemetic.

In a nutshell, antiemetic means a cure for vomiting and nausea. And this is precisely what CBD is. If you have a furry friend that can’t seem to control their vomiting, then a successful solution will be to give them a few drops of CBD.

Alternatively, this can be administered right before a long trip too. Save your pet from travel sickness by controlling this issue right at the get-go.

Extra tip: if your pet can’t seem to find his or her appetite, the antiemetic benefits of CBD should also keep the food down and your pet properly nourished.