5 Great Reasons to Consider Lumineers


Looking back on your childhood photos, you may laugh at what a potentially goofy smile you used to have. Instead of looking like a natural smile, it might have looked like you were trying to stretch your lips back as far as possible to show off your entire mouth.


On top of that, you had a healthy number of baby teeth mixed in with open gaps and adult teeth here and there. You were, by all accounts, a cute kid.


If you’re an adult, however, you have probably learned how to smile a little more naturally and those baby teeth and gaps have been replaced by a whole set of teeth. You’ve done as much as you can to take care of them: brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and visiting your dentist over the years. You’re already doing so much to take care of yourself, it’s amazing you even have time.


Sometimes though, teeth can begin to lose a little bit of their sparkle and people end up turning to other methods to keep them intact.


One of these methods is Lumineers are a type of dental veneers that are thinner than the typical kind. Where veneers are about 0.5 millimeters thick, Lumineers are only about 0.3 millimeters thick.


If you’ve ever thought that lumineers may be an option for you, read below to find out more.


Quick to Apply and Long-Lasting

As compared to regular veneers, the process of having lumineers applied is much quicker. No one likes to lean back in the dentist’s chair for too long, so you’ll be in and out pretty quickly.


There are no shots, no drills, no laughing gas, and hopefully no awkward conversation with your mouth open. Lumineers are usually applied over the course of just two quick dentist appointments.


Lumineers, if properly cared for, can also last decades meaning you won’t have to head back for replacements any time soon. You’ll just need to keep heading to your dentist for regular six-month checkups and nothing special after that.


They Can Help Straighten Teeth

No, you won’t have to worry about getting braces or calling up Invisalign. Lumineers, while not as effective as the aforementioned methods, can help straighten your teeth. Lumineers are custom-made for your mouth meaning they can slowly align those crooked teeth.


They can cover up any big gaps, chipped, or damaged teeth without the need to head out to the orthodontist. This is more of a secondary benefit, as lumineers cannot be outright substituted for braces work.


Brightening Your Teeth

The main reason that many people opt for Lumineers is they can help brighten up a smile. Over 50% of adults will experience some kind of tooth discoloration over their lifetime and sometimes whiteners or vigorous brushing just isn’t going to do the trick.


While Lumineers aren’t going to make any stains on your teeth disappear, they are going to cover up those discolorations and stains. It can be embarrassing to have patches of discoloration across your pearly whites and Lumineers help make those areas.


Lumineers themselves don’t change color over time, which means they can’t be whitened but they are also unable to be stained. You get to live with what the dentist gives you, which is pretty beneficial overall!


Natural Look

Have you ever seen someone from afar and thought something may be just a little off about their appearance? When you two get close, you notice that the person is wearing two inches of makeup?


Lumineers don’t have that effect at all, as their application and post-application look is quite natural. Due to their thin nature, they’re not going to be jutting out of your mouth and only the most eagle-eyed people are going to tell you have lumineers.


Since all lumineers are custom made for your mouth, their fit and look is going to be natural and easy.


The Effect is Immediate


In this day and age, it makes sense for everything to be as immediate as possible and Lumineers are no different. You’ll be able to walk out of the dentist’s chair and instantly notice the change in your teeth.


With a non-invasive procedure, it’s pretty spectacular to have your teeth white and perfect right off the bat.

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