Should I Be Drinking Wine: 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash


There are several various wines available in the market today, each with different color and taste. White, red, orange, rosé, and sparkling, these are the wines we had the luxury in drinking. Moreover, wine has significant values you should be thankful about aside from its taste. 

These liquors were made to satisfy our cravings for unique and bittersweet taste. But, wines were also made to be a life-changer. It changes the game by merely enhancing your overall wellness. 

You might be wondering how this happened or what are the exact benefits that wines produce? Before that, let’s talk about the proper consumption of wines. It is recommended to drink wine in light to moderate consumption. Heavy consumption works in total reverse with all health benefits wines provide. 

Several things could make your health better while drinking your favorite wine. To help you out, we dug deep to give you the benefits of drinking wine. Here are the things you need to be happy about when drinking wine. 

Immune System Boost

There are many vitamins available to help you nourish your body. But, did you know that drinking fine red wines would boost your immune system? In this case, red wine serves as a powerful, effective way of keeping your body away from sickness. 

Don’t get too excited, though. Remember to drink moderately as excessive consumption would lead to a definite negative effect. Practice moderate drinking, if you are a heavy drinker, it is advised to take less consumption day by day.  


Inside our body, there is a battle against free radicals that causes frightening health problems. It includes cancer and a lot more! Wine is your most effective shield in this battle. Wines are full of antioxidants that defeat free radicals when they are around. The best wine for antioxidants is white wines.

Studies show that white wines have phenols that have either equal or more significant than those in red wines. It is interesting, as red wine in common belief has the most health benefits. But, always remember to drink moderately. When drank excessively, more health issues arise.

Stroke Risk Reduced

In general, moderate drinking of alcohol, like wine, can prevent stroke. In this case, wine acts as thinner natural blood that breaks up any blood clots that lead to stroke. Study shows that blood clots that are lower risk are way more beneficial to women than men. 

Red wines have phenolic content that serves as a blood thinner. Similar to aspirin, a glass of red wine contains Resveratrol that can help protect you against stroke if taken moderately.

Again, light to moderate consumption will lead to these benefits. Now, if you’re a heavy drinker, it will have an opposite and dangerous effects, including higher risk in heart attacks. 

Increases Bone Density

Strong bones are not just intended for athletes but should be for everyone. Some would take calcium capsules or drink milk to increase calcium in our bones. Our bones get brittle as we get older and it might be a problem if your lactose-intolerant. Still, no need to worry! Give yourself a favor of drinking a glass of red wine and cheers to healthy bones. 

In particular, red wine has colossal levels of silicon, which is best for our bone mineral density. By drinking red wine moderately, our bone density increases, and it also reduces the chance of osteoporosis. Just like milk, wine is an excellent thirst quencher to help you doze off at night. 

Low Cholesterol

Don’t have any dietary guidelines and has terrible cholesterol? Get up and eat oatmeal in your breakfast and stick to wine every night. A glass of red wine has enough procyanidins that promote lower cholesterol and a healthy heart.

Wines also have components such as Resveratrol that decreases bad cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol. Also, a medicinal red wine is available to keep your cholesterol level in track. 


It is fancy to drink wine on occasions, but understanding its health benefits, you should consider a drink at least twice a week. It might be expensive, but having your cholesterol on track and making your bones stronger is just a particular investment to consider.

Your health is in an investment, put it first at all cost, and guaranteed you would live a happy life. A simple toast of wine could mean a healthy life. Always remember to consume not more than two glasses. Don’t over-drink as the results are harmful to your health. Drink moderately and live long healthy.