5 Healthy Ways to Optimize your Vision


5 Healthy Ways to Optimize your Vision

In an ideal world, you would know everything to do with having and maintaining the perfect eyesight. Many people go to tone their muscles in the gym in a bid to have a fantastic body. What they have never known is that the eyes also need to have an exercise regimen of their own. Eyes also need to be in top condition too. Apart from foods like carrots, eggs, citrus and berries, almonds and leafy greens, what activities do you need for exceptional eyesight?

1. Fix your Eyes on a Central Position

It is called central fixation. The eye sees only one part of an object clearly, while the rest of the areas appear slightly blurred. The eye solves this situation by shifting focus very rapidly to have a consistent image. Persons with problematic eyesight try to see the whole object at once without eye movement thus straining them. Teach your eyes to accept seeing one part of an object clearly. Study an eye chart, look at the top of a letter while accepting the blurred image at the bottom and vice versa.

2. Blinking

Eyes are windows to the soul. You would not wish to connect with someone who has eyes showing no life. Blinking cleanses and lubricates the eyes with tears. It also makes the eyes rest and relaxes the muscles. Computer users and television watchers do not blink that much, and this makes their sight deteriorate faster than those who blink a lot.

3. Figure of Eight

Imagine a large figure of the number eight in front of you, standing at over ten feet tall. Make it lie on its side and then with your eyes, trace its outline slowly. This increases the flexibility of the eye muscles. It also exercises them.

4. Swinging

It increases eye mobility. A person stands while looking straight ahead while their feet are two feet apart. Then they rotate their body from left to right while lifting of the weight from one foot. When the individual moves in the other direction and shifts their weight to the other leg, the eyes will have completed a 180-degree sweep. While at it, no attempt should be made to focus on anything.

5. Zooming

This exercise is easy and quick to do. Stretch your arm with the thumb in the hitchhike position. Focus on the thumb in its outstretched position, and then bring it back until it is, at least, two inches from your face, all the while focusing on it. Do a reverse of the same many times in a day.

Keeping your eyes in prime condition will not be a problem for you anymore. These eye optimization pointers will ensure the best outcome for your eyesight.

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