post op
It can be difficult to recover from an operation. You may be anxious to get back to your normal routine. You may also get bored because you are not able to leave the house. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make the recovery process go more smoothly.

Follow All of the Doctor’s Instructions

Your doctor wants you to heal as quickly as possible. That is why they will give you a list of instructions that will help you recover more quickly. Even if you are feeling great, you will still need to follow your doctor’s instructions. Bleeding, infection and tearing can result if you do not adhere to your doctor’s advice.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

It will be easier for you to recover if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. They also have nutrients that can reduce inflammation.

Keep Yourself Entertained

You can fight boredom by getting a few audiobooks. You can also Skype with your family members and friends. Additionally, you can keep yourself entertained by watching videos on YouTube.

Get Moving

You should get moving as soon as you get approval from your physician. Moving will help you prevent blood clots. It will also prevent you from becoming constipated. You may not be able to engage in strenuous exercise for several weeks. However, you can take a short walk. If you take a short walk every one or two hours, then you will be able to reduce the risk of complications. You will also be able to promote healing.

Emergency Preparedness

You may be worried about your finances. If you are out of commission for weeks you may worry about losing your job or keeping your bills paid. You can’t always plan for a surgery, which is why it’s best to be ready for emergencies.  You will not have to worry about your money as much if you have income protection insurance. Income protection insurance is designed to replace all or part of your income. You can get payouts until you are able to start working again. Additionally, you should make sure that you have sickness insurance in order to cover your medical bills.

Post-op recovery can be tedious. However, you can make this process a lot easier by following the instructions that your doctor recommends. You will also need to income protection insurance so that you can still pay your bills. Additionally, you will need to eat healthy, keep yourself entertained and get moving as soon as you are able to.