If you know people who are all about fitness, they’ll likely give you all kinds of reasons for why you should work out. Some will say for mental health. Others will say for more energy or a better appearance. While all of these are valid, you need to make sure that your needs are the ones you attend to. These are five reasons you should work out for yourself and nobody else.

This is Your Workout

Working out can involve so many different activities. Between aerobics, indoor winter training, balance, and more, you have all kinds of avenues to explore. Choose a workout plan that is based on what you enjoy and are capable of. If you’re trying to live up to the expectations of everyone else, you’re going to find yourself exhausted and unhappy.

You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself

Getting in shape takes time, and it can be hard to feel like you’re making progress if you’re constantly comparing yourself to those who are further along. Ignore the presence of others by comparing your performance only to your past one. If you do catch yourself observing others, realize what you’re doing and get back to your workout.

You Can Stay More Focused

Working out for yourself means that you have one person to satisfy. When you work out to impress others, you have an endless sea of people to try to impress. Cut this roster back significantly by thinking about what you need. Ask yourself why you’re working out and develop a plan that satisfies those needs.

You Can Be More Confident

The basic purpose of having confidence is to be able to do things that you want to without worrying about what others think. While getting in shape will help you to be more confident, so will trusting yourself to choose a workout routine tailored to your needs. Before you enter a gym or starting working out, craft a plan that corresponds with what you most want to get out of your workout experience.

You Can Enjoy Working Out

A workout shouldn’t feel like work. It might be strenuous, but you can still enjoy yourself, even if you’re sweating. When you start working out for yourself, you can feel a much greater sense of comfort and satisfaction, because you know that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Working out can give you a much greater quality of life, but you need to focus on the psychological aspect of it as well as the physical one. Getting preoccupied with the thoughts of others when working out can result in insecurity. With every pushup, lap around the track, or cool down, remind yourself that you’re doing it for yourself.