5 Top-Paying Health Care Professions



If you are looking for an industry that provides steady growth and a good future, take a look at the Health Care Industry. There are several areas within the Health Care Professions that can provide you with a good income and reliable profession. Here are 5 top-paying health care professions.

  1. Pharmacist

If the idea of becoming a pharmacist interests you, this profession can provide you with a great income. By spending three or four years to receive a Doctor of Pharmacy degree after receiving your bachelors, you would be able to work in a variety of locations from pharmacies and drug stores to clinics and hospitals. The average annual income at the time of this article is approximately $120,950.

  1. Physician Assistant

Training to become a Physician’s Assistant can be done in just a couple years and provide you with a rewarding career. Currently ranked as the #4 Best Job by U.S. News and World Report, a Physician’s Assistant can currently expect to earn an average of $95,820 annually.

  1. Radiologist

A radiation science degree can provide you with not only a good income and a stable profession, but it can also give you a great deal of variety in the profession itself. To practice as a radiologist, you must complete an internship after medical school and then begin a 4 year residency program. After completing the residency program, many radiologists choose a specialty in which you would spend 1 or 2 years in a fellowship program. An attending radiologist can expect to earn an average of $396,233 annually.

  1. Biochemist

If you enjoy performing research, but want to be involved in the Health Care Industry, take a look at the profession of Biochemistry. Biochemists often work in private research facilities and generally a Master’s Degree is required. Those interested in the Biochemistry field would expect to earn an average of $84,940 annually.

  1. Medical Sonographers

By receiving a bachelor’s degree in the subjects of applied sciences, medical terminology or anatomy, you could enter the health care industry as a Medical Sonographer. Sonographers work in hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices and receive an average income of $62,540 annually.

Each of these professions are projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to have high growth rates in the next several years. When you want a career that can give you stability and a good income, look into the health care profession.

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