6 Natural Exercises Giving Best Results to Male Enhancements



Many men who aren’t happy with their size become self-conscious about sex and about their ability to satisfy their partner. Many just suffer in silence. However, some seek out methods to enlarge their penis size. A lot of men end up turning to drugs and penis enlargement supplements, but there are natural exercises that can help with this issue. This method is much cheaper than drugs and supplements and you don’t have to worry about the body having a negative reaction to the pills. We are about to let you in on the six best exercises that provide real results when it come sto male enhancement.

Stretching the penis is an effective method to achieve a gradual increase in size. It helps to create more flexibility and strength in the muscles of the penis just as stretching does with the rest of the body. It also increases the flow of blood in the shaft of the penis. To perform this exercise start by ensuring that the penis is in a flaccid state and not in a state of arousal. Next lightly hold the penis in a horizontal position for a couple of seconds. Bring it back to the position that you started with and repeat the movement about five or six times.

This exercise is one of the most popular enlargement exercise for men. The purpose of jelqing is to allow a large amount of blood to flow into the penis in a short amount of time. This process signals a higher division of cells that are located in this region of the body. To begin, you need to apply a lubricant to the penis. Next pinch your pointer finger and your thumb together and spread the other fingers straight out, creating the ok sign with your hand. Keep your hand in this position and place the hand at the base of the penis, pump from the base of the penis to the head of the penis and repeat the movement. You should start one hundred movements per day and gradually make your way to five hundred repetitions per day in order to gain the best results.

The next exercise requires a high amount of resilience and patience. You will have to learn to contain your urge to ejaculate and delay your ejaculation. When you are about, to ejaculate you need to place the palm at the head of the penis in order to stop ejaculation. This will help to widen and grow the spongy tissue within the penis, which over time will increase the size of the penis. It is also a good exercise for those who experience premature ejaculation.

This exercise allows you to increase the amount of strength in the pc muscles. They are the set of muscles that allow the penis to contract and control the amount of urination that is released through the penis. Many men do not have control of these muscles because they are not aware ofCan  them. When you urinate, pay attention to where the ability to contract and regulate the stream of urine comes from and practice controlling these muscles. You should hold these muscles and release them over and over again to strengthen these muscles.

You can use penis enlargement supplements in order to increase the amount of blood circulated to it. Simply use your hands in order to massage lightly the entire length of the penis while it is flaccid. The switch in between using firm and light pressures and repeat the movement for about thirty seconds ever day.

This exercise is similar to horizontal stretching but it is a different variation. In this variation, the penis will stay in a horizontal position the entire time, instead of being moved from a horizontal to a vertical position. While standing grip, the penis in one hand pulls it to a horizontal position by first gripping it at the base. Slide it through the hand, gently pulling it and when you get to the head of the penis start the movement with the other hand. Continue pulling the penis from hand to hand gently stretching it from the base to the head until you have switched hands twenty times. Repeat the process daily.

There’s no need to worry or have low self-esteem, male enhancement can be natural and simple. Instead of feeling low about the size of your penis simply try some of these easy exercises. You don’t have to purchase anything or have the added risk of adding pills to you day. However, you should note that these exercises will take time. You may not see the effects right away, but they are highly effective over time and with dedication.


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