We all need protein in our diet for overall health, but some people need it more than others. Athletes, those recovering from muscular injury, those trying to lose excess fat and other people with active lifestyles require greater protein intake, which means spending more on a protein-rich diet.

Because it’s difficult to get the required amount of protein simply from eating food, it’s necessary to take in protein supplements such as powders and capsules. These could come at a high cost however, so we’ve come up with some helpful tips to help you save money on your protein needs.

Compare prices online.

There are many varieties of protein supplements on the market today. For instance, there are soy, whey and casein protein powders, and to determine which one would be a good purchase, it’s best to read up about them and compare their prices. You can also check customer reviews on the products to determine if something is worth buying or if it will just be a waste of good money.

Use discount coupons when buying.

Couponing is a win-win strategy for both seller and buyer: for the seller, it means more people will be enticed to purchase products, and for the buyer, it means bigger savings. Use discount coupons to your advantage by applying the codes at checkout for brands like the Proteinworks and reduce the total amount you’ll have to pay. Many voucher sites list coupons according to brand, making it easier to find great deals on supplements.

Join cashback or reward schemes.

One of the strategies brands employ to retain customer loyalty is by having reward or cashback programmes, where members earn points or a certain amount of money for every purchase made. If you purchase your protein supplements frequently, it would be good to sign up for membership to the brand’s reward programme, where you can also earn points for participating in brand promotions. Points can be converted into money off your next purchase, which means that if you collect enough, you can buy your favourite supplements for free.

Sign up to receive newsletters.

If you don’t check supplement brand and retailer websites regularly, you could miss a lot of money-saving opportunities. To get notified about the latest discounts on protein supplements, sign up to company newsletters so you can get notified via email as soon as the deals come up. Many companies also include exclusive promo codes with newsletters, giving you more reasons to sign up.

Buy in bulk or in larger sizes.

Two small tubs of protein powder cost more than a big tub of the same quantity. This doesn’t just apply to protein products—other supplements also cost less when bought in bulk or in larger-sized packages. Consuming them all before their expiry date could be a problem, if not impossible. A good way to work around this is by getting a couple of gym buddies, friends or family members to split the cost and the supplements with you.

Purchase protein together with other supplements.

Buying supplements already packaged together could get you a cheaper bill overall than when you buy the supplements individually. Check out packages offered by various brands—many of these would have protein powder, creatine tablets, multivitamins and other supplements you may also be taking. Going for package deals is a great way to make savings not only on your protein needs but on nutritional supplements as a whole as well.