7 Advantages Of Vaping Over Cigarettes


People all over the world are making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping. So, what’s the big deal? If you’re still sucking on cigarettes and don’t get what all of the fuss is about, it may be time to make a major change. There are plenty of benefits to vaping, from boosts to your overall health to social advantages. If you’re still unsure whether to switch to a vape, consider these 8 perks.

  1. It’s way cheaper. While E Cigs may look fancy compared to your standard cigarette, the overall cost of vaping over smoking tobacco is far lower. Instead of splashing out on a pack of cigarettes every day or so, you’ll just invest in the initial vape device purchase, and then pay for e-liquid whenever you run out. The e-liquids can vary in price, but there are some great low-cost liquids available so you’ll definitely save a significant amount of cash.
  2. It’s better for your body. It’s difficult to measure the exact health benefits of vaping because we’re still in the early days of research, but the studies that have come out so far show clear evidence that vaping is far healthier than traditional cigarettes. The removal of tobacco, tar, and the thousands of chemicals included in each cigarette all make vaping a healthier alternative.
  3. You no longer have to duck outside. While the restrictions on vaping indoors may vary depending on your location, you’re definitely looking at a far more relaxed approach than the average smoker faces. The vapour released disappears in seconds, making it easy to smoke in a more diverse range of locations than cigarette smoking allows for. You can even smoke in your home without filling your house with a cigarette stink.
  4. You won’t smell anymore. While smokers may not realise it because they’re so used to the smell, cigarettes really stink. The odour clings to your clothes, your furniture, your hair, your hands, and your breath. Vaping is completely different in this sense – it has a pleasant scent when exhaled, and leaves no lingering scent in the area or on your body. It also doesn’t lead to bad breath, a welcome change for your significant other.
  5. You can choose your flavour. While tobacco always tastes roughly the same from brand to brand, vaping allows you to choose your own flavour depending on your personal preferences. There’s a huge range of flavour options out there to choose from, so you’ll never be bored or stuck with the same old taste.
  6. The nicotine levels are adjustable. Cigarettes keep you hooked on nicotine, while vaping can help you to transition away from your addiction. Each e-liquid has a particular nicotine percentage, so you can choose the strength of your liquid depending on where you are in your quitting journey. If you’re a heavy smoker, you can transition to vaping with a strong nicotine flavour, then gradually reduce the nicotine content until you’re free from the cravings.
  7. You’ll be able to breathe again. There’s no doubt about it – vaping is far gentler on your lungs to smoking. This is obvious by the way your breathing experience will change after you transition. Running and walking will become easier, and that hacking cough will quickly disappear in favour of clear, comfortable breathing.