7 Interesting Things About CBD That Everyone Should Know

Seven amazing things about CBD.


Quite recently, it was announced by the World Health Organization that the CBD found in Marijuana is not at all dangerous for the human body. Nevertheless, there are many myths associated with the compounds found in marijuana, and most of the myths are marring down the beneficial aspects of CBD. It is also a fact that in some countries, CBD is considered as a Scheduled I drug.

Nevertheless, it cannot be ignored that CBD has many health benefits. In addition, the compound has high medicinal use than being considered a substance for abuse. To help to know better about CBD, let us jot down seven amazing things about CBD.

What you should know about CBD?

  1. THC has no good purpose!
    Well, there are many people who think that CBD part of marijuana is only the good thing about the whole package. They believe that The High Causer aspect of marijuana does not offer any advantage. As a matter of fact, even THC has several therapeutic properties. In a research carried out at a San Diego based research institute, it was found that THC slows down the formation of an enzyme which is responsible for the creation of beta-amyloid plaque. For those who do not know, beta-amyliod plaque is responsible for the Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. CBD has side effects?

    Since few years, a lot of negative campaigns have come into action and they are aimed at marring down the beneficial aspects of marijuana. These campaigns say that the high one gets through marijuana is like an unwanted side effect. However, the mild amount of euphoria experienced after the intake of CBD is something that cannot be termed as addictive in nature. In fact, the euphoric attributes of cannabis are strongly related to the therapeutic value of these plants. Some of the reputed medical experts believe that we need to consider cannabis as a kind of medicine. The psychoactive properties of these plants cannot be ignored at all.

  3. CBD is illegal everywhere?

    No, CBD is not illegal everywhere; to be more specific, there are many places in the world where CBD based hemp oil is sold legally in the market; providing the percentage of THC in the oil should not more than 0.3 percent. Even though there are some states in the US where growing marijuana is considered illegal, but it is completely within the legal boundaries to sell and purchase hemp products, particularly the ones that contain CBD extracted from the flower, leaves, seeds and stalk of the plant. Nevertheless, the quality of CBD extracted from seeds and stalk is not impressive enough.

  4. Pharma products better than raw plant’s medicines?
    As per the federal government, the compound CBD contained in marijuana actually has medicinal value, and not the plant. Well, it is absolutely false. This myth is being circulated so that the pharma companies can be benefited. If truth to be told, even the crude form of CBD taken directly from marijuana can serve medicinal purpose. It is not necessary that you have to go for pharma based CBD products to avail maximum benefit of this compound.

    For those who do not know, cannabis contains various other compounds apart from CBD and THC, such as aromatic terpenes, flavonoids, etc. Each compound offers certain healing property and medicinal benefit. When these compounds are brought together and mixed into a single product, the overall effectiveness of the treatment gets enhanced exponentially.

  5. Does the origin of CBD matters?
    Yes, it does. When CBD is extracted from the leaves and flower-tops on an industrial scale, particularly from hemp, the outcome is not quite rich in CBD; it would contain significant amount of impurity. The reason behind is that large quantity of hemp is processed for the extraction of small amount of CBD, which in turn increases the possibility of toxic contamination.
    On the other hand, the CBD obtained in a lab through the process of synthesis is not as effective as the natural ones. For this reason, it is better to pay attention to the origin of CBD.
  6. What is “CBD only” law?

    In many parts of the world, “CBD only” law has already come into effect, which says that usage of CBD based products will be allowed to patients who are suffering from diseases that can be treated with the medicinal benefits of CBD. Nevertheless, not all patients are being able to reap the benefits of CBD, because the quality of CBD infused medicines provided to them are not good enough.

  7. CBD works even better with THC
    Yes, when CBD and THC are combined together, the result you get from it can surely impress you. The power couple obtained by mixing CBD and THC can be quite effective in dealing with inflammatory related diseases.
    So, those were some of the interesting things about CBD. If you want more information then you must check out puregreenliving guide on CBD. It will surely provide you more idea on this matter.
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