Advantages of climbing stairs


Advantages of climbing stairs

Being healthy is the first step towards success. It is well known fact that “health is wealth”. This is proved by most of the successful people in this world who believe in a healthy living. Exercise is the primary step towards the whole healthy living schedule. Health care is gaining attention, and people are seeking more to fitness charts and healthy diets.

It is a must to maintain the body weight as the efficiency reduces with the increase of fats. Gyms are crowded with people who are working out day and night to reduce. But in the middle of all these we tend to avoid the natural ways we can add to our exercise.  If we look around in our surroundings, we will see many natural solutions to our health problems. A flight of stairs is one such example. But in the middle of a busy living which is alleviated by lifts or elevators and escalator we tend to avoid taking staircase.

Step to Success

Diseases like diabetes, a polygenic disease which are caused by the increase of glucose levels in the body, high blood pressure, pathological disorders and several cardio related disease are a serious threaten to our lives. Due to several reasons a smaller percentage or the risk of these diseases is being detected in every other individual.

Climbing stairs is claimed to be an aerobic part of the daily workout we follow. As a result, the thigh muscles and the buttock muscle strengthen due to rigorous climb. This will benefit by speeding up the rate of metabolism in our body, as a result the desired work output is more.

Weight loss is a common problem. Everybody wants to stay toned and stay in the best shape. But the possibility is at stake because of our diet and unhealthy routine. But by taking stairs for almost twenty minutes a day nearly two to seven kilograms could of calories which contribute towards our weight could be easily get rid of. Thereby it provides a lean and shaped looks to our calves as the excess fat is burnt.

Continuous movement of the body in upper and lower direction increases the rate of flow of blood in the body. Which enhances the heart functioning and the common prone heart diseases are reduced. Heart beats are also under control.

It is also a great way to ease tension and relief as climbing stairs releases the body pain by releasing several peptides and pain at all layer. This benefits only those who do not suffer from knee or hip problems. People with heart conditions should keep a check on this activity.

Free to Climb

Any day it is a much cheaper way of working out. Any one irrespective of the age group can participate and contribute towards the day to day fitness tips. Without profusely sweating, we achieve such desired levels is a wonder in itself. It is a kind of light workout where sweat is not the requirement to burn fats. It can be carried away with other daily exercise like walking, running and all. It is important to maintain balance in the middle of all these while climbing stairs, else it could be unsafe.


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