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4 Reasons Medical Cannabis Has Made Huge Political Strides

More and more states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana. The leaves and buds of newer, more potent strains of cannabis sativa can be used to alleviate the symptoms of numerous ailments. The federal government stubbornly regards cannabis as an illegal and dangerous drug. Yet, the case for medical marijuana is making progress for some very good reasons. 1. State Rights The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 included marijuana as a dangerous Schedule 1 substance. While the US government has stuck by this determination ever since, and even officially denied that marijuana has any medical value, individual states can ... Read more

What to Do When Facing Injury From Medical Mal Practice

Medical malpractice can be hard to identify immediately after a mistake has occurred. It may take a while to figure out that the prolonged symptoms you or a family member has experienced is directly linked to a healthcare professional’s negligence. Despite the unfortunate circumstance, there is a way you can recover financially from the injuries acquired from the malpractice.

No Pain, No Gain, Right? No! 4 Tips to Help Get Migraines Under Control

Many people are surprised to hear that over 14 percent of the population suffers from regular migraines. In addition to severe discomfort, this medical condition can also result in a variety of secondary complications ranging from light sensitivity to depression. Here is a closer look at four treatments that might help you get your migraines under control. Identify and Avoid Trigger Foods Migraines can be triggered by many different things, and that includes certain foods. Even if your diet isn’t triggering your migraines, it might be amplifying the side effects. Keeping a food journal will allow you to identify which ... Read more

Everything to Know about Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Is It Contagious?

We often hear about the lung condition called tuberculosis (TB), but many of us still know very little about it. Is it treatable? What are your chances of getting it? Is it contagious? In the United States, there were about 2.9 reported cases of tuberculosis out of 100,000 persons in 2016, and TB is reported in all 50 states. Although there has been a significant decline of the disease since 2015, it is still important to be aware of how this condition works and how you can protect yourself against it. Tuberculosis: Latent versus Active Pulmonary tuberculosis is a lung ... Read more

Informed Assistance: 5 Tricks to Help Nurses Connect with Their Patients

Nurses play a big role in the medical industry. Here are just a few ways they can make a difference.

4 Hard Decisions You Face When Caring for Your Elderly Loved One

There will come a time in almost every adult’s life when they will have to take care of an elderly loved ones. These are the four hardest decisions you will face when caring for your elderly loved one.

Safest Smart Drugs: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Cognitive enhancers, often called “smart drugs,” are not new in the field of medicine. People have been using them for some time. They were first used as a form of treatment for motion sickness, but they have recently been found to be helpful in enhancing memory. Some say that smart drugs can help improve your brain function and your health through the increase of blood flow to your brain. This affects the release of chemicals within your prefrontal cortex. And because of this, many people have been using these drugs to improve their performance.   Who can blame them for ... Read more

Key Ways On How To Stop Electronic Cigarette Smoking Faster

Electronic cigarettes are still new in the smoker’s market, but a lot of men and women who smoke traditional cigarettes think they’re a much safer and better replacement. Studies add to the theory that this new type of cigarette can assist you in quitting smoking traditional cigarettes. Smoking e-cigarettes can still result in addiction and have unfavorable effects on your health. This is the reason why even if most people think it’s better and safer, it’s advisable that you try to quit smoking any type of cigarette as quickly as possible.   Quitting an addictive habit is not easy, though. ... Read more

Pros and Cons of “Teeth in A Day” Implants: What To Know

Visits to the dentist are never fun. Often, you have to wait long hours and feel like you have wasted a big part of your day. Sometimes, a dental operation may not just take you out of commission for a day, but for a couple of days.   While there are a lot of dental clinics that can eliminate infected or bad teeth in your mouth, and replace it with an implant, most clinics will make you wait a couple days while they make your implants, or put a temporary tooth in to help your mouth adjust.   “Teeth in ... Read more

Why your diet isn’t working

You probably work hard to stay healthy and fit, but it can be difficult to meet your weight loss goals for a number of reasons. While diet difficulties are the main reason for not getting the desired results, there are some surprising causes of struggles with weight loss. Check out some of the following ideas on why your diet isn’t cutting it and what to do about it. Why we diet People diet to lose excess weight for reasons of physical appearance or health, however, diets are difficult to follow long-term without proper planning. Planning should include meal choices for ... Read more

4 Things to Do When You Get Injured at Work

No one wants to think about getting injured at work. In fact, most employees assume they will never need to file a workers’ compensation claim. They figure they are careful and safety regulations are followed. However, as many injured workers learn, accidents often happen seemingly out of nowhere, often when they feel the safest. Because accidents happen suddenly, all workers should know what to do if they become injured at work. It is important to remember that every employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This benefit is provided so that workers do not suffer financial setbacks as a result of ... Read more

Clearer Vision: 4 Natural Ways to Improve Eye Health

If your business is involved in shipping, you need to do all you can to keep things affordable.