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Electroacupuncture Treatment for Pain & Sports Injury

Sports injuries are common and are experienced to varying degrees in different sports. Research suggests that athletes are prone to these especially at the beginning of their career, due to inexperience.

Taking Care of Your Feet: 4 Reasons You Should See a Podiatrist

Feet doctors can be very useful in a number of different scenarios. In order to become a doctor who specializes in the feet, these individuals have to complete medical school and a residency.

Essential ways to keep good oral hygiene

Oral health is often taken for granted despite its strong influence on our general health and confidence. Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, the mouth is the lens through which the state of health of the body can be viewed.

Find The Right GPS Watch For Your Fitness Goals

The right GPS watch for your goals is out there, you just have to know what to look for. Each watch is designed with different athletes in mind, such as runners, triathletes, and swimmers. Go through the list and find which watch is right for you.

Eating Keto On The Go

All keto dieters know the ketogenic diet requires careful planning. Here are some keto on the go options for when we you prepare.

How Can Physical Therapy Help You Heal after an Accident?

Some people might think of physical therapy as useful during convalescence from a long illness or serious surgery.

4 Types of Lab Equipment Crucial to Success

Science labs are found in elementary, charter, private and public high schools and universities.

Painful Smiles: 3 Signs You Need an Emergency Dentist

Understanding when you need to see a dentist for an emergency visit can help you take better care of your teeth.

How Hospitals Keep Track of Their Physicians and Nurses

The healthcare industry has a lot of keep track of just in terms of advancements in medicine.

When you feel sudden sharp pain in your legs especially after any physical workout, it is definitely a symptom of having a heavy and achy leg.

Who is Most at Risk for PE?

Overall, a pulmonary embolism is a medical condition that is nothing to be taken lightly. Comprised of blood clots in the lungs, literally anyone, anywhere can become a victim of this condition. Tennis great Serena Williams developed this condition after giving birth to her daughter in 2017. Miami Heat star Chris Bosh was sidelined with the beginnings of this condition in 2015, and retired Portland Trailblazer NBA great Jerome Kersey died from one of these issues in 2015.   This all begs the question: who is the most likely to suffer from a pulmonary embolism? What are some conditions that ... Read more

To ER Is Human: Why You Should Consider Urgent Care First

If you are like most people, you think about heading to the emergency room when an urgent situation arises. For example, if you accidentally slammed your hand in the car door and your finger appears to be broken, you may be eager to walk into the emergency room for an x-ray and treatment. Another option that is easy to overlook is your local urgent care clinic. There are actually several important reasons why an urgent care clinic should be your first option. Urgent Care Clinics Are Equipped to Handle Minor Emergencies There are instances when a visit to the emergency ... Read more