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4 Lifestyle Changes to Decrease Your Odds of Getting Cataracts

As you age, one of the worst changes that can occur in your body is the development of cataracts. For those who’ve managed to hold onto perfect or near-perfect vision for the majority of their life, cataracts can be a disruptive change in their life. Vision becomes blurry, and if the progression does not see change, you may even be rendered blind. Further, those who already have a vision impairment may be more susceptible to developing cataracts and blindness. While there are treatments available to fix cataracts, it’s often better to limit your chances of developing them in the first ... Read more

How to Keep up with the Cost of Medical Care

The incredible cost of medical care is well-publicized. In fact, you may hear about this problem on the radio, in online news articles, in political debates and more. More than that, you may actually feel the financial pain each time you visit the doctor, the dentist or another healthcare provider. While you could wait for politicians to come up with a resolution, a better idea may be to take action so that you can stay on top of your health. Take Advantage of an HSA A health savings account, or HSA, is a tax-advantaged plan that may provide some financial ... Read more

Wonder Woman: 3 Powerful Postmenopausal Fitness Tips

Your fitness level naturally declines as you get older. Your fitness level goes down at a more rapid rate after you go through menopause. However, there are some things that you can do in order to keep yourself in shape. 

Which Type Of Medical Scan Is Right For Me?

When most people get hurt, injured, or become sick they go to the doctor to figure out what is wrong and what can be done to fix it. It is true that most doctors will be able to tell what is wrong once they examine you, but they will oftentimes have to confirm their examination or get a better understanding of what might be causing your symptoms. And, this is where tests and exams come in handy. Doctors can use a number of scans to help determine the underlying causes of your symptoms. That being said to give you a ... Read more

Dialysis at Home: How to Make Living with Kidney Disease Easier

If your doctor has diagnosed you with kidney disease, it’s perfectly normal to feel angry, sad, and overwhelmed.

Finding the Best Glaucoma Treatment Centre in India

Eye conditions like glaucoma are prevalent in almost all parts of the world. It is a leading cause of poor vision in many elderly patients. It is a group of eye disorders which is characterized by loss of nerve fibres or tissue within the optic nerve due to increased fluid pressure in the eye. Over a period of time, the optic nerve which is made of millions of nerve fibres gets damaged and causes poor vision. The optic nerve is important in the transmission of visual signals (from the eyes to the brain) which are processed in the brain so ... Read more

The Skinny on Skin Cancer: 4 Common Types of Melanoma and How to Spot Them

Cancer is nothing to ignore or be in denial about. Skin cancer is, perhaps, one of the easiest kinds of cancer to pretend isn’t really cancer, because it can often be ignored or explained away. However, skin cancer is still cancer and can be just as lethal as any other types of cancer. To ensure that you remain healthy, this article will cover the four main types of melanoma, also called skin cancer, and how you can determine if they’re cancerous or just freckles. Superficial Spreading Melanoma This type of melanoma is the most common. Typically, this form is found ... Read more

Osteopathy: An alternative To Conventional Drug Treatment

Not many of us know about osteopathy; it is a medicine-free treatment based on the perception that the majority of the diseases are related to musculoskeletal system problems. Musculoskeletal system includes nerves, bones, and muscles. It cures by strengthening the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. History of Osteopathy Although the treatment is not very common, an American physician Andrew Taylor laid its foundations long ago back in 1874. He believed that the primary objective of curing disease was to restore the musculoskeletal structure and balance in the body. Therefore, he founded the first osteopathy school in 1892. In the school, ... Read more

The Benefits of Summer Camps for Children

In our fast-changing world, there are only a few places where children can play and enjoy as well as have great fun with their friends. Children are getting less and less opportunity to play or learn or grow in a healthy and interactive environment where they can enjoy, learn new things, challenges themselves as well as absorb new things, which they may need in their future. Schools and places where children are supposed to be able to enjoy in self-discovery are becoming more and rarer; indeed they are served to adults instead. Why children should choose summer camps That is ... Read more

3 Ways to Make Restaurant Food a Healthier Experience

Many people have heard startling facts about how unhealthy restaurant food is. Generally, restaurant meals may be high in calories, fat, sodium and sugar. Because of this, some people avoid restaurant food as much as possible. However, dining out is an enjoyable experience, and it often is essential as a matter of convenience when you lead a busy life. The good news is that you can make dining out a healthier experience when you follow a few tips. Choose Restaurants with Healthier Menu Options Because many people are increasingly health-conscious, many restaurants offer at least a few seemingly healthy options. ... Read more

Think You Need Glasses? 4 Clear Signs It’s Time to Visit the Optometrist

You don’t have to be near-blind to benefit from glasses. Your vision is one of your most powerful senses, and when it’s compromised, it can be very difficult to enjoy yourself and get things down. It’s no use to try and act as though your sight is okay when it clearly isn’t. These are four signs it’s time to visit the optometrist. Eye Strain When Reading If curling up with a good book has become less enjoyable, you might need to get glasses. If you’re reading on an electronic device, like a computer or a smartphone, you can make the ... Read more

How to Determine if You Have Cataracts or Just Blurry Vision

Issues with eyesight can be unpleasant.