Are you done with setting your mental health goals for 2019?


Happy New Year folks! Now that we’ve stepped into 2019 officially, you will find several posts regarding the best resolutions that you should make and fulfil during this New Year. While people will be busy figuring out how to ditch those extra calories, setting job goals, relationship goals or even marriage goals, there are very few people who would actually resolve to take care of their mental health. Unlike physical health, mental health is most often forgotten by the majority, especially when they are busy taking focusing on the massive list of their other New Year’s resolutions.

If you too have not yet decided on the resolutions for this year, here are a few things that you should do about your mental health so that you could focus on emotional well-being in 2019.

#1: Get the help of counseling if and when needed

According to research, the faster you set an appointment with a licensed counselor to address your mental health issues, the better. NAMI or the National Alliance on Mental Illness says that the sooner a person treats his mental health, the better chance you have of seeing positive results. Aside from seeing a counselor, you can help yourself in addition to seeing a professional. There are online self-help resources like through which you can stay informed on various areas of mental health.These resources can especially help you during a time if you’re new to all of this.

#2: Focus on only the positive things

If you’re someone who is already in bad shape with your mental health, you may tend to focus on the wrong things in life, especially those that are negative rather than those which are positive. According to government research, it was proved that someone who spends enough time in cultivating gratitude can obtain considerable benefits in terms of interpersonal, physical and psychological effects.

#3: Take longer breaks

People with mental health problems should resolve to take more breaks in 2019. By breaks, we don’t mean long ones from your job but even the shorter ones like your lunch break. Whenever you go out for your lunch break, take a walk and make sure your phone is switched off so that there’s nothing to distract you. In case there is paid sick leave in your office, take an extended leave to take rest.

#4: Practice meditation

More and more people, regardless of whether or not they’re suffering from mental health issues, should be educated on the benefits of meditation. Experts suggest that even doing 10-20 minutes of meditation at least twice everyday will help in calming your brain.

Therefore, now that you’re ready to start implementing your mental health resolutions for 2019, what are you waiting for? Follow the above steps so you can be on your way to your own better self in 2019!

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