Aromatherapy and It’s Benefits

The use of fragrance for affecting an individual’s behavior and mood is defined as aromatherapy. Essential oils from plants are used in this therapy for achieving a variety of results that vary from improvement in skin conditions to stress reduction. Aromatherapy has been in practiced for treating a wide array of conditions even longer than traditional medicine. For hundreds of years, people have been using essential oils in religious ceremonies and prevention of diseases. This therapy is said to work at a psychological level because our sense of smell is a very powerful tool. Calming, invigorating, relaxing, balancing and sensual reactions can be elicited on the physical, mental and emotional levels with aroma therapy.

The oils that are used in this therapy are extracted from the berries, leaves, flowers, fruits and even bark of plants. There is a multitude of scents to choose from, but there are some popular ones that are known to provide powerful and noticeable results. They include:


One of the most multipurpose and popular oils is lavender. It has been used for a number of reasons such as for easing depression, relaxing and calming individuals, reducing pain, aiding digestion and even as a sleep aid. Many other scents can be mixed easily with this floral oil.


A rich, deep and sensual aroma is possessed by jasmine. This oil can be used either as a sedative or also a stimulant. Individuals can calm their nerves and relax with this oil and can also get rid of depression and sadness. Moreover, jasmine is also regarded as a sensual and romantic scent.


An overall sedating and soothing quality can be seen in chamomile. Therefore, it is said to be a good choice in fighting insomnia, releasing stress, calming upset stomachs and lowering pain.


This particular oil is beneficial in easing premenstrual symptoms (PMS), easing muscle spasms, lowering blood pressure, relieving panic attacks, tension and depression and also for giving a sense of calm. This floral, sweet and exotic scent is known to have bacteria-fighting, uplifting, purifying, aphrodisiac and balancing properties.


Another calming yet uplifting, refreshing and energizing essential oil is Bergamot. This scent has been used by people for reducing depression, anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it is also helpful in restoring the appetite of an individual, inspiring individuals and building their confidence.


A sweet and fresh citrus scent is possessed by grapefruit. This scent has been used for easing anger and stress and also for uplifting, relaxing, balancing and purifying emotions.


For an uplifting and refreshing scent, lemon is a popular choice. This oil is known to improve concentration, reduce mental exhaustion, improve circulation and also stimulate, purify and ease stress.


One multifaceted oil that can be used for a myriad of reasons is sandalwood. This oil has been used by people for dealing with acne problems, insomnia, depression, cleansing and nervousness. It is also said to be a good choice for acting as an aphrodisiac and for centering the body, mind and spirit.

With these oils, aromatherapy can be used for balancing emotions and relaxing people.