Avoid These Top Hot Tub Buying Mistakes

Avoid These Top Hot Tub Buying Mistakes


Deciding to buy a hot tub is an incredibly exciting time, however, it is important to not
get caught up in a moment of excitement and rush into making a purchase without
being fully informed. Even when someone believes that they are making a great choice,
there are several common hot tub purchasing mistakes that you may unknowingly
By knowing what to look out for in order to make the best decision and not later suffer
from buyer’s remorse, read the article below. We will highlight the most common buying
mistakes for you to avoid so that you can make the best choice.

Choosing the Wrong Location

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a hot tub until you have carefully thought out
where you will put it. Once filled with water and people, a hot tub weighs over 4,000
pounds, so it needs to have proper support. Always consult with an engineer if you are
planning to place on a deck or patio to ensure that the structure is strong enough to
support it safely. Avoid placing in areas which are prone to flooding or near sand which
can damage the mechanical components.

Choosing The Cheapest Model

A too good to be true sale or clearance price tag may be enticing and technically save
you money up front but will almost always end up costing you more in the long run.
Low-end hot tubs cost more money for ongoing cleaning chemicals, repairs and usually
have parts that fail sooner and need to be replaced.
Instead of just basing your decision on the price tag, think about what the overall cost of
the hot tub will be over its lifetime. Higher quality, more expensive models will have
excellent energy efficiency, require minimal maintenance and cleaning and will be
supported by a comprehensive warranty.

Choosing a Cheap Exterior

If you buy a hot tub that comes with a low-quality exterior, it will quickly begin to fade
and crack. In a showroom, the shells and cabinetry of hot tubs may all appear the same,
however, their level of quality is not. Ask for models that have a thermoplastic shell with
a vinyl ester resin skin or bond laminate or one that is made from very durable acrylic.
High-quality cabinetry should be durable, designed to resist weather damage and be
low maintenance. Another key factor is making sure that your hot tub is backed by a
solid warranty.

Choosing the Wrong Jet Structure

Hot tub massage jets are an essential part of your overall hot tub enjoyment and
experience. Different models have a wide range of therapeutic benefits including
helping to recover from stress, neck and back pain, sports injuries and even insomnia.
Remember that not all hot tubs are equally therapeutic, which is largely due to the size

and shapes of the massage jets. When shopping for a model, select a jet structure that
provides a wide range of massage programs and is also adaptable for different health
issues. Also, look for jets that can be individually adjusted to customize the water
pressure for your individual massage preferences.

Choosing a Basic Warranty

All too often, in the excitement of shopping for hot tubs, buyers can forget to think about
the warranty. Look for a detailed, comprehensive warranty that includes leaks and the
surface for up to 5 years, structural shell coverage for up to 10 years and equipment for
up to 3 years. Think of a good warranty as a solid investment against potentially
expensive repairs. Also, it is always best to decline a prorated warranty, as you will be
responsible for partial repair costs which can get expensive quickly.
Before you buy, always make sure to research your local hot tub dealers and find
customer reviews. Sadly, not all dealers provide the same level of support and service
for their customers. Be sure to steer clear of purchasing online or at an expo – the hot
tubs can be inferior and should a problem arise, in many cases that dealer may not
have a local presence to repair it.
Now that you know exactly what mistakes to avoid when buying a hot tub, you can be
confident that you will make the best purchasing decision.

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